nap time Vent Sesh

Woosah. I needed this tiny break in the morning. Jul’s off at school and Cabe is down for a nap. Jeff’s off traveling this week for work and it’s been a doozy with the kids since yesterday morning.

We’re starting the potty training adventure with Julian. First day went awesome. No accidents til right before bed and that included leaving the house for a walk and quick visit to my sister. Yesterday I decided against putting him in a pull up to go to the gym for my yoga class and he had an accident there which I didn’t discover til we got home and another accident after dinner. Another accident this morning and now he’s in a pull up at school and told me he won’t be using the bathroom at break time. We’ll keep trying but this kid I tell you, when he makes his mind up to do or not do something, nothing will stop him. This was my biggest hindrance starting training any sooner. Stubborn!

Cabe’s been teething and sad and super clingy which makes doing anything besides holding him super difficult. He’s also going through a phase where he freaks the second I walk away from him. Insert sweating emoji here.

This week starts a crazy few weeks leading us right into the holiday season. Jeff is gone half of this week then all of next week and the week after that is Thanksgiving and then some more travel and it’ll be Christmas! Insane to think of that.

Mr Cute but Stubborn’s birthday is next Monday which also has snuck up on me. 3 years old! We’re forgoing the friend birthday party again this year but will have the family and cousins over which I need to start planning. I figure we have about one more year before we have to do the whole friend thing.

This is the story of my life though. I have no room to think when the kids are up and playing which is most of the days and then when I do get a second on the magic occasion they are sleeping I literally want to stare at a wall for an hour and do nothing. Last night was the perfect opportunity after I got the kids to bed and I was alone to do whatever I wanted but Caleb had a tough time at bedtime – he bit me while nursing so so hard and I cried out which I know youre not supposed to and he ended up going to bed with no nursing and lots of crying – but after a long day of potty fails and Julian running around wreckless and not listening I didnt have anything in me except to drink wine and eat halloween candy. Which of course then kept me up basically all night unable to sleep. Why. WHY.

Do people have days like this or is it just me?

Ok, off to get organized. Here’s hoping for a turn around in all of our moods!




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