Julian’s First Full Day Of Preschool

Guys. I am sitting at my kitchen counter. It’s before 10am and the house is silent except for the end of Kelly and Ryan on the tv. I just finished my breakfast of GF oatmeal, peanut butter and strawberries in quiet. I’m not sure what this life is.

Julian began his first full day at preschool today.

Last week was kind of hectic with it being a short week and two trips to Jul’s new school for Open House and Orientation. Orientation was the first time I left Jul alone in his classroom while I went to a parents’ meeting for an hour. He was excited, especially for the beautiful homemade playdough at one of the tables but he was so nervous. When it was time to head to the meeting, a few of the kids understandably started crying for their parents. For some reason, other kids getting upset sets Julian off and makes him cry too so I was really nervous that would be the straw that broke the camel’s back for him. I explained I was leaving to go to a meeting with Cay Cay (Caleb was strapped to me in the Ergo) and I’d be back soon to get him and to have fun. He nodded and tucked his little quivering lip in and turned back to his play dough, that brave guy. It was all I could to do not cry too! When I went back an hour later one of his teachers said he did fine! Just a little upset when I left but 2 minutes later he was fine. ❤

This morning I walked him into class and he seemed pretty excited, a little nervous, but I left him playing with a tool bench in class and he hardly noticed I left. I hope he didn’t freak out after I left, for some reason not knowing his true reaction to me leaving him it nagging at me. It’s hardly been an hour of school time and I am so anxious to know how he is doing!

I raced home with Caleb after leaving the class, I mean raced. I probably-definitely sped home while tossing toys in the back seat and singing loudly to try and keep Cay from falling asleep in the car. He does NOT transfer from car seat to crib once he’s asleep and never sleeps past 30 minutes in the carseat at all. We made it home, I nursed him and put him down for nap and he’s just starting to stir now. Which means a crappy 40 minute nap which we’ve been struggling with.

But still, the freedom I have with just one… I can go run a couple errands before pickup if I want. I can maybe go to the gym and get a workout in quickly while Cay stays in the daycare? That might be pushing the time limits though. IF he ever decides to go back to napping longer I can get some cleaning and organizing done around here.

Off to grab my babes since it doesn’t seem like he’s going back to sleep.

Xoxo Liz


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