On Podcasts and What I’ve Been Loving

Happy Monday! After a semi-long weekend (Jeff was off most of the day Friday to work around the house) we are inching our way back into our week day routine. We have the gym later this morning and I am expecting my very first Blue Apron delivery tonight. I’ve heard so much about these meal delivery kits and am in basically the biggest food rut ever so I am excited and hopeful this will be a nice change up for us. Fingers crossed the time it takes me to cook these meals isn’t disastrous for our end of the day dinner-bathtime-bedtime sprint.

So, I might be a little late to the Podcast party but I am here for it now and making up for lost time.

Back when I was a working woman and I had an hour + commute  in heavy traffic to my job each way every day, I found myself needing something calming for the long car rides.

I turned to our local NPR radio channel and started listening to news stories for the most part. I felt like such an old person/geek at first, but I couldn’t deny the characteristic calming voices of public radio lol. Also, tuning into something that felt larger than the stresses of my job made me feel more purposeful as well.

I stopped working right around the time I gave birth to Julian but within just a couple months I found myself back in the car taking long, aimless drives so I could get him to take a nap. Again I found myself back on the NPR train. In fact, this was around the time I dove head first into getting up with current events in all capacities since I felt pretty isolated in my new role as a stay at home mom. The news made me feel like I was still part of the world in a weird way and helped me escape the stresses of my new life with a non-sleeping, colicky infant. The TV was always on at home turned to the local news channel or a talk show and in the car I often tuned into NPR.

Eventually, the news just wasn’t my thing anymore. I found myself missing music and feeling so out of touch with the lighter side of life. Not to ignore the fact that Julian was getting to the age where he picks up on everything so I have to be careful about what I expose him to. Yet my need for hearing conversation and being introduced to new ideas and facts and other people’s views is still there.

One day a couple months ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and one of the people I follow to relate about mom life stuff announced she was starting a podcast so I excitedly streamed it the next chance I got. I listened while I picked up the house and prepped dinner while the two kids took a nap. I loved feeling a part of the conversation even though I was doing no talking and it certainly took the loneliness, isolation factor out of that part of the day. It almost was like hanging out with a friend.

That podcast was the Mama Tried podcast by Meg Nottingham. As I was going to find her page to link to I realized there were two more episodes up so I am looking forward to catching up!

Here are a few I am loving.

YogaGirl’s From the Heart Podcast- This is like my favorite part of taking a yoga class. Ok, every part of yoga is my favorite but I especially love the meditation/reflection/empowerment talks some teachers give. I’m pretty new to this podcast and so far have been focusing on the topics that relate to self care, inner criticism and other personal development type of topics but I can’t wait to hear some of her more yoga talk and business centered episodes.

Coffee and Crumbs – I have a feeling this podcast stemmed from a popular blog, but this one has 3 girls, all moms, I’m guessing in their late 20s or 30s, talking about so many aspects of life that I can relate to from meal planning to vacations to stuff with kids, husbands, you name it. This one is definitely like a phone call with some girlfriends all in the same stage of life as me.

Healthy in Real Life – speaking of the Fitnessista, Gina recently started up her own weekly podcasts and I’ve listened to each one within a day of seeing her post up on Instagram. She sits down with experts in the fitness and wellness fields ranging from pilates to nutrition to a homeopathic doctor and I really enjoy hearing her experience with each and the questions she asks to each guest. She is my inspiration for living a full and balanced life and maintaining a “healthy” lifestyle as a mom and 30 something.

There are so many out there and I feel like podcasts are definitely a “thing” right now. Are there any I am missing?!

xoxo Liz


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