Hi! How are you on this Monday? We had a low key morning around the house before we were off to the gym so I could teach my yoga class. Now we are back home and both boys are doing another simultaneous nap session. Gasp! What is this life. It’ll be sure to end soon.

So a funny thing happened after yesterday’s post. Actually two funny things. The first was that Caleb ended up taking a 3(!!) hour nap in the middle of the day then another 40 minute one later on. I would eat my words but so far its been back to all short naps today, typical!

The second is, I was googling something along the lines of “do nursing naps count” yesterday while nursing Caleb and came across this article which basically blew out of the water everything I have heard or read on baby sleep. I feel so vindicated right now!

The article was from a website named after and run by a woman named Patience Bleskan who offers a variety of family support services and blogs about different parenting topics. The article I read was aptly named “Sleep Myth #4 – Only Long Naps Count.” Um, Helloooo where have you been all my parenting life.

The article can be found here but in a nutshell Patience explains that nap sleep and night sleep are different. It’s not only OK, but its useful for nap lengths to vary and naps under 1 hour or 1 sleep cycle long play their own role.

“How Long a Nap Needs to Be

Different lengths of sleep are associated with different kinds of benefits. A nap lasting 15-20 minutes is shown to improve alertness and motor performance. Naps lasting 30-60 minutes, improves decision making skills. For sleep lasting over an hour, when deep sleep is achieved, allows the brain to solidify new connections and improve problem solving . As you can see, all lengths of sleep provide benefits. Infants need all these benefits at different times of the day.”

Patience does say that babies do best with at least one nap of the day being 1 hour, which I can’t say either of my kids do/did that regularly, but it still makes me feel so much better about this whole short nap thing!

Also this totally vindicated me all over again:

“One last thing about napping, where baby should nap. As I discussed last week, babies are safest sleeping in the same room as their care provider. This is true for day and night sleep. In terms of what baby should sleep in, I believe in flexibility. There is usually only one nap left for most children who are 1.5 years and older. Why are we worried about where babies sleep during sleep that is going to go away?”

Thank you!! I wish I had read this when I was majorly stressed about driving Julian around for his naps.

I ended my post yesterday with a similar thought looking back as a more experienced mom when I said that I really shouldn’t worry about nursing to sleep or if my morning coffee is keeping Caleb from sleeping longer for naps – eventually I won’t be dealing with 3 or 4 naps a day, it’ll go down to one and then none so why worry so much about how he’s sleeping or getting to sleep? It’ll all change.

You can find me delving into all Patience’s sleep myth busters today hoping to gain a little inner peace and confidence in my mom game. Sleep Myth #5 is titled “If you help a baby to Sleep they will Always need Help.”

I’m in, Patience. Let’s do this!




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