Catching Back Up

8 years later and here I am back on the blog! Hi!

Wow. This is why I will never be a successful blogger because I just cannot be consistent. There’s always something stopping me from getting my update posted. Also, let me just point out that my trail off in posting coincided with when my youngest stopped being an amazing napper. Momlife. Yes, there’s still night time but I’m usually brain dead by the time the bedtime rush is over.

So… what has been going on for the past month and a half?

–I took Caleb to the doctor for what I suspected was acid reflex and we got him on Zantac. I saw a big improvement in his symptoms after two weeks so at his 4 month appointment his doctor and I decided to keep going with it. I feel like it was the right call.


–His naps didn’t exactly lengthen out but night time sleep was still good. Which to me i would way rather him sleep through the night if anything.

–Julian went on a nap strike and napped maybe half the days of the week and did gymnastics in his crib the other half of the days. He also continued waking up a few times most nights. Thankfully he seems to be back to napping for now.

–I started teaching yoga again! I am back at the gym I taught at right before getting pregnant with Caleb. It’s great because the kids can come with me and go to playcare while I teach.

–Its been an adjustment getting the kids used to playcare. The first few weeks Julian cried so loud the entire length of my class and I could hear him from the studio I teach in. How’s that for trying to stay calm and peaceful as an instructor? He’s adjusted pretty well since then but now Caleb’s the one crying while I am gone.

–We signed Julian up for preschool for the fall! He’ll be going a few half days a week and I think once he adjusts to the change he is going to love it!

–I am sad to say with the lack of napping in this house I have seriously slacked on the progress I made with my Diet and Exercise Makeover. Ok, well that’s not entirely true. I don’t stand at the counter every afternoon and cram baked goods in my face like I did the first month Caleb was home. But it’s been considerably harder to carve out time to do a workout because there is always someone awake and needing my attention, which makes it hard to focus even for a 20 minute youtube workout video. Whenever I get the chance I take full advantage, I just wish it was more often.

–We took a trip to Storyland in the White Mountains. Jeff had last week off so I rented an airbnb condo up there for a couple nights. It was just the change of scenery we needed. Julian had a blast once he got over the initial shock of being in an amusement park. We had perfect weather and it was right before schools let out for the summer so we hardly waited in line for anything. We can’t wait to go back.


–We spent a long weekend away at Jeff’s parents’ lake house then spent the day at my dad’s last week for the 4th of July. Julian is really getting used to and loving being in the water! Water, especially¬† on his head, has not been his favorite for some time now. Caleb took his first ever dip in the lake and then in the pool last week and seemed to naturally enjoy it.

So that’s pretty much it. It’s Monday and we are getting back into the swing of things with yoga this afternoon. Hopefully the next post I get up won’t be in 3 months from now. Fingers crossed!


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