Back At It

First of all I have a sink full of dirty dishes and a dishwasher full of clean dishes and so much laundry (it neverrr ends) to do. But I am procrastinating and taking a much needed check in break here instead! *shrugs*

Things on the fitness front have been going good! I used my Diet and Exercise Makeover to get myself motivated to move more and clean up my diet after being pregnant, giving birth and being in a sugar coma from those breastfeeding cravings. My goal was to move everyday which meant take a walk, do a full or just a quick workout – whatever, just move outside of my normal routine. I knew I wasn’t going to get it everyday but I thought by making every day my goal it would be harder for me to make excuses to justify only doing 1 workout a week. I was right! I worked out more consistently than I did even before I got pregnant with Julian.

I have to credit short but effective workouts to staying consistent. Even on the days the kids’ naps didn’t line up and I only had a small window that both were down I still used that time to find a quick workout on Youtube. The old me would have forgotten the whole thing if I knew I couldn’t get a full 45 minute to an hr workout in. Even though the workouts were sometimes only 15 minutes I could still feel my work the next day. And honestly, for being pretty out of shape, I think knowing I only had to get through 15-30 minutes helped me stay with it as well. No getting overwhelmed with long intense sessions.

In other good news I am going to start teaching yoga again at the gym I taught at before getting pregnant and losing my mom last summer. The timing just happened to work out where I don’t think I’ll be killing either of the kids’ naps and don’t have to be out of the house too early. I’m also so excited for Julian to get out of the house and get some socialization at the day care there. We’ve been so cooped up all winter, I know he needs this just as much as I do. I am hoping this is a good prep for hopefully preschool in the fall!

We took a test run there this morning so I could reintroduce Julian to the daycare thing and see how Caleb did. I was so excited when our favorite teacher was there and will be working when I teach too. It felt great walking back in the gym and I was able to sneak away for a quick 1 mile run on the treadmill while the boys got adjusted. OMG it was so hard but, hey, it was a start. I think I did a 10:15 minute mile then walked to 1.3 miles before calling it a day. The boys did great and I rewarded us with an iced coffee and donut holes on the way home. Nothing like celebrating your first postpartum run with donuts right?

Ok I have so much housework just hanging over my head so I’m off to try and get some of that done before someone wakes up.






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