Diet And Exercise Makeover, Days 12+13

Wow, can I get the days straight or no? It’s day 13, yesterday was day 12 but I titled the post before that 5-10. Shoulda been 11. Numbers aint my thing, what can I say.

Yesterday’s movement was a 30 minute Postnatal Yoga routine for strength and flexibility from SarahBethYoga on Youtube. I did another one of her yoga videos last week and I enjoyed this one just as much. I loved the flow, loved her gentle, confident voice and quiet music playing in the background. All around high quality work there.

Lunch yesterday was the same as the day before – ground turkey, butternut squash, black beans and I added more spinach to a flour tortilla. Followed by an apple and a plain Siggi’s yogurt.

Today was another off day. I know I took a few days off this weekend due to my lovely mastitis episode but this morning was a busy one. There are a bunch of things I try to do in the mornings but its hard to accomplish every single one of them, so depending on what we have going on something usually falls by the wayside, most of the time its me showering or getting dressed. Today we had an appointment with our lawyer to sign our will and other adult stuff so I used Caleb’s first nap to shower, blow dry my hair, put on quick makeup and get Julian dressed. So now at nap time, I am left with a sink full of dishes from breakfast and lunch and haven’t eaten anything besides a banana and an Rx Bar today. So yeah, I’m going to use this time to eat something, catch up here and do some dishes.

If Julian ever goes to sleep. I’ve been watching him on the monitor roll around and throw his stuffed animals all over the place up there. Sigh. Eye roll.

So. I am 13 days in and feeling good! Aside from working out or trying to get in some movement for 20-30 minutes each day I am not doing anything drastic. I’ve been more mindful about what I am eating but by no means am I on some crazy diet. Just trying for more green foods in a day and no more donut or muffin binges everyday in the afternoons. It’s  been pretty successful!

I think it’s also helped that breastfeeding has leveled out. I still need to eat but I don’t get that sharp, han-ger anymore. I also find in the early days of breastfeeding ALL I want are carbs and sugar. Like, I could eat an entire loaf of bread, cakes, cookies, muffins, you name it all in one day and still want more. Luckily, those cravings have faded out a lot and I credit it to the fact my body’s adjusted to what Caleb needs are. We’re 10 weeks in so I guess that would make sense.

With that, Caleb’s up wanting to eat, obviously as soon as Julian finally succumbs to a nap in his room. Momlife!

But I love em!






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