Diet and Exercise Makeover, Day 10

Ok let’s see how much I can recap before the party time that is Caleb’s current nap turns too rowdy..

Today’s workout – the 30 minute Burn Fat and Tone BodyFitbyAmy video. It was hard when I did it Friday and I was so sore the next day but I am interested to see if the soreness was more from my mastitis episode than the workout. We’ll see tomorrow. I loved this workout when I did it Friday and again today.

One of the things I wanted to highlight from this video was the focus on the TVA – the transverse abdominis muscle – during the ab portion of the workout. The TVA is the deepest layer of ab muscle we have and so important to keep strong – much more so than the “6 pack” muscles that are on top of it and that people love to work. I love the detailed pointers she gave which helped me isolate this area during hip tilts and bridges. Being 2 months out from giving birth and out of shape, it’s pretty hard for me to locate this muscle on my own.

Lunch today! I have a pic – it’s not pretty but it’s something.


My dinner from last night in a flour tortilla wrap – ground turkey, butternut squash and sauteed spinach plus some added black beans from earlier this week. Times this by two because I was starving after my workout and because I ate breakfast at 9am.

Breakfast this morning was my standard – gluten free microwave oatmeal with almond butter, bananas and strawberries plus black coffee.

We had our babysitter over to hang out with Julian this morning so I fed Caleb and took him to run some errands. I went to UPS to drop off my size 1 diapers that I ordered and by the time they got to me were clearly way too small. Then to Marshall’s to return some 0-3 month baby clothes that were too small. My little baby is growing too fast!

As I was out and about I ate a peanut butter chocolate RX bar and got an iced coffee from Dunkins.


I am glad to say that today so far has been a lot better than last night. What a disaster. It was Jeff’s last night away for work – he was on his way home but didn’t get in til late – and anything that could go wrong basically did. My picky toddler refused to eat anything for dinner and since I was trying to juggle a hangry 2 month old I didn’t have it in me to make him something separate. Meltdown ensues. Then Caleb projectile vomited all over me himself and the dining room chair. I definitely wasn’t planning on giving him a bath but then I had to. Then I still had to clean up dinner and give Julian a bath and get him off to bed. Meanwhile, toddler life status, Julian’s making huge messes with his toys and listening to precisely 0% of anything I ask him to do.

Ugh. We all survived, barely. So last night called for a chocolate frosted brownie and a glass of wine for my troubles. Not even sorry. Worth it.

Caleb’s definitely not going back to sleep so I’m off to scoop him from his crib and cuddle him up!





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