Diet and Exercise Makeover, Days 5-10

Aka I was gone for a minute but I’m back.

Thursday (Day 4) – ZERO. It was a busy day. We had one of my best friends and her baby over for a visit in the morning and then my MIL and her friend came over that afternoon during nap time to meet Caleb. Between the visits and trying to speed clean my house I just totally didn’t have any time to workout that day. I was disappointed but still pretty sore from my previous days’ workouts so I wasn’t that upset to have an unplanned rest day.

Day 6 – Burn Fat and Tone Up, 30 mins. I did a tough-for-me, 30 minute workout by my pregnancy and postpartum go to BodyFitbyAmy on Youtube.  I was feeling great until dinnertime when I started getting the chills, body aches and noticed my left breast was very painful. I suspected a clogged duct and was hoping it was not full blown mastitis. I popped a couple ibuprofen but only felt worse as the night went on, even as I continued to nurse and apply heat on that side. I had a couple times with Julian that I got a clogged duct but it resolved itself i a few hours. When I woke up Saturday I felt worse than ever and called my doctor for a prescription to treat mastitis. Luckily I didn’t have to go in and be seen they just ordered it right to the pharmacy.

I’m blaming sports bras on this one. Nursing’s been going good, however Caleb’s miraculously been sleeping longer hours through the night which means I am fuller when I wake up and during the day, even though I pump in the mornings and any other time he gets a bottle. Still, I think even though I wore my loosest bra I wore it too long that day and that’s what did me in.

Day 7 and 8 – REST and baby snuggles. Thankfully it was the weekend and Jeff was home to help out and took Julian much of both days. I was bummed we had to cancel our plans to visit friends in CT but it was for the best.


Day 9 – Nothing official but I cleaned my whole house. So, I don’t know what a professional would say but when I clean my entire house I count that as a workout. I’m up and down the stairs 100 times, lugging my 50 lb vacuum cleaner around, scrubbing, squatting and reaching. Not to mention I count in cardio too because I am rushing around trying to finish everything before someone has a meltdown. I’m definitely tired by the end!

Day 10 – Back in the game and feeling good! I did a 20 minute Baby-Buldge-Be Gone PopSugar workout at naptime. I kind of wished it was longer.




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