Diet and Exercise Makeover, Day 4


Today’s movement was a 22 minute postnatal yoga video from Youtube. I found SarahBethYoga’s channel and did this video. I really enjoyed her voice and I’ll definitely be going back for more of her videos when I need yoga. After the last two days doing HIIT and a slightly lower key cardio/strength workout I needed either to walk or stretch out today. And since it’s pouring rain and cold, yoga video it was.

It’s been a rough couple days with Julian. The twos are killing me, man. The whole time I Was pregnant I kept picturing a screaming newborn to contend with most hours of the day. I was not picturing a whining (omg the whining!), climbing everything, running and falling, fresh, picky eating, non eating little toddler. I hate sharing the bad stuff because he will inevitably stumble across this someday and I don’t want him ever thinking he was  “bad” or “unloved” or worse, that I am the most horrible mom. But I gotta be real here and just say this age is a doozy. Like, I can’t.

All this to say I needed yoga and to breathe during today’s nap time. It’s been months, since probably the fall, that I’ve done any yoga. My stressed and irritated mind needed way more than 30 minutes of meditation today but my stiff and sore body feels great now that I’ve stretched out.

And I am keeping my streak going – 4 days in now!! That feels almost best of all.

This morning’s breakfast was gluten free oatmeal and a banana with some black, mostly decaf coffee. We are hurting for grocery staples and I’ve been out of my beloved almond butter for days. I’ve been eating a ton of peanut butter in it’s place and this morning I was over the peanut butter thing so I did plain oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon. It was good but not as filling as my regular plain oatmeal mixed with almond butter concoction I love.


We headed to Caleb’s 2 month well visit (he’s doing great! minus the shots, and up to 13.8 lbs already! Yay breastfeeding!) and when I got home I ate a peanut butter Rx bar and a chobani plain yogurt along with my decaf iced coffee I picked up with almond milk and 2 sugars in a medium.

I’m currently waiting for a veggie frittata to thaw in the oven so I can eat that since I am starving. Again, we’re hurting on groceries this week and I am completely out of salad/smoothie greens or that’s what I’d be having. Really missing some greens right now! But the frittata will have protein so I am hoping that helps. It’s a lot of eggs in one day combined with the egg whites in the rx bar for someone who rarely ever eats eggs. But oh well.

Tonight we’re heading to my in laws for dinner which I think will be pasta and salad. Last night we had burgers and sweet potato fries with salad but my meal was cut short thanks to some toddler drama and refusing to eat. Sigghh. I miss having a relaxing dinner with no freak outs over food.

If I keep logging my food here I will definitely start incorporating pics so it’s not SO boring!




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