Two Month Thoughts

It’s like clockwork. The second I sit down and open up a blank post to write someone (usually Julian) wakes up from their nap. But I will attempt a post today anyways.

Caleb turned 2 months yesterday and will be 8 weeks old this week! He still seems so new but it’s crazy to think it’s been 2 months already. Things are going SO well with him. I don’t know if he’s just “easy” or if I had such a nightmare of a time with Julian that this seems like a cake walk. I would think by this point, 8 weeks in, that if Caleb was going to turn into the devil reincarnate he would have already. Right? Knock on wood just in case?


He’s been pretty consistently getting up once a night to eat. Sometimes he eats and goes right back down but most of the time he’s up either wanting to coo and smile at me (heart melting) or fussy, gassy and pooping in between eating. Even still, his fussiness doesn’t hold a candle to Julian’s freak outs. Or I just know how to handle them more. But he is way tamer than Julian was. Either way, I kind of enjoy our nightly visits even though I may be tired. He brings me such joy.

Dare I say, there have even been some naps he’s put himself down for. I will place him in the crib while I get Julian ready for his nap and sometimes I go into Caleb’s room and he’s fallen alseep on his own. I don’t even know what to do with myself! It’s exactly what I would read about in Baby Whisperer but couldn’t even fathom when Julian was this age.


We’re still dealing with huge projectile vomiting episodes a few times a week. I am pretty sure I have an overactive and fast letdown so he clicks his tongue and chokes down the milk as he eats leading him to eat too much too fast. Then he projectiles all over the place, especially when I can’t get a burp out of him. Forget it. Milk vomit everywhere. He doesn’t seem too bothered by it but I feel so bad. Looking back I am pretty sure I had the same problem with Julian only he never vomited and hardly even spit up! It might have been part of his fussiness problem, poor guy. Anyways, the doctor isn’t concerned for Caleb because he is growing like a weed and doesn’t seem to be in pain and everything else is otherwise good.

Since he goes for longer stretches at night I am happy to feed him on demand during the day even if that sometimes means I’m nursing every 1.5-2 hours. It always seems to pay off at night time which is all that matters to me! I need sleep for my sanity!


It’s hard to believe that I have more opportunity to sit and blog now than I did the whole first 18 months of Julian’s life because both kids nap in the afternoon. It’s the holy grail of having young kids – the simultaneous nap. And it’s a wonderful thing. I can eat lunch, browse online, catch my breath, reground myself or take a nap myself. I’m sure this is a short lived phase but I am milking it for all it’s worth. I am putting together a day in the life post to share soon.

It’s hard to be a parent of two under 2.5. Especially when they are both awake and it’s meal time. Lunch and dinner seem to be the most challenging parts of our day as I am scrambling around to get Julian fed (not an easy task since he fights eating everything) and ready for nap/bed and Caleb inevitably needs to eat around the same time and then there’s me who also needs to eat at some point. So it’s kind of crazy. But once I get Julian settled in his bed things slow down and I can catch my breath a bit.

After Julian’s bedtime is once of my favorite parts of the day. Caleb is usually awake and needing to eat or be burped, rocked or bounced for his fussy time. Jeff and I dim all the lights and settle on the couch and watch tv while we take care of and interact with him one on one and it’s really nice. It’s also nice that his fussiness is short lived and he’s usually down for his first stretch by 930-1030. I totally get why some people who have easy babies just cannot relate to those who have colicky, reflux babies who scream all day and night. It is SUCH a different life!

Things are still super challenging – if not more challenging – with Julian. They call it terrible twos for a reason I guess. I always hated that saying but it’s pretty on point for us. It doesn’t help I literally have no idea what the right thing to do is when he’s hitting me in the grocery store, being super interruptive whenever I try to have a conversation on the phone or in person, throwing his toys or slamming them around in frustration or refusing to look at me or listen when I am calmly trying to explain something to him. Its almost like the more calm I am the more he flies off the handle which is NOT something the books I’ve read address. They just say to get on their level and basically sympathize with them but that’s got me nowhere. He’s still a sweetheart and I know he mostly means well (except when he doesn’t!) and we have our good moments too. But the rough moments are what’s top of my mind now.


Despite our rough moments the brotherly love over here never fails to melt my whole heart and soul. ❤

I’m also not super productive during the day, at least that’s how I feel. I run around like a chicken with my head cut off picking up, cleaning, doing laundry, feeding Caleb, feeding Julian, cleaning up, picking up toys, changing people’s clothes. We hardly make it out of the house before noon if I even attempt to leave. It’s all I can do to just maintain the order of things and most of the time I feel like I am dropping a ball somewhere.

But interestingly, for the most part I am feeling more positive, slightly more energized and in control (minus Julian) most days. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still taking prenatals (last time I stopped) or because I often have a chance in the afternoons to catch my breath even if it’s 30 minutes or while I am nursing Caleb without a toddler running around. But it feels good.

This is such a different baby and postpartum experience than I had with Julian. Back then I felt like I was completely overwhelmed and drowning everyday with a colicky newborn that would not soothe. I hardly had 5 minutes to myself and I was so sad that I felt like I wasn’t bonding with my baby the way I read and heard about others doing. This time everything has come easier. I’m still in disbelief. The times that get hard I feel like I can still overcome with some patience. It’s been a breath of fresh air after a very difficult few years.

Happy 2 months my bunny baby boy! We all love you so much.


Xoxo Liz


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