Diet and Exercise Makeover, Day 2

I am turning over a new leaf I’ve decided. Starting yesterday.

We had a wonderful Easter and the spring fairy finally visited this weekend giving us two beautiful, brisk spring days that were perfect to finally get outside and soak in some vitamin d and fresh air. My soul needed this more than you know after being pregnant and cooped up all winter.


After a fun breakfast at my sister’s house we came home for nap time. After the kids woke up and I had fed Caleb we decided there was enough daylight and it was just warm enough to walk over to Jeff’s uncle’s house, about a mile and a half away. I pushed Caleb bundled up in his carseat in the Britax and Jeff pushed Julian in the Jeep jogging stroller.

That walk did so much good for me mentally and physically. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over well over 8 weeks since I took a walk or did anything physical. I mean, even for me the past few years that’s pretty bad.

Then this afternoon when I got both the boys down for their naps I turned on Youtube and did a quick 20 minute workout from BodyFitbyAmy‘s channel. I did a bunch of her pregnancy workouts and really enjoyed them so when I saw she had a few post natal videos I knew that’s where I needed to start.

My goal, maybe a lofty one, is to get in some official movement each day. Maybe it’s an 18 minute workout, or maybe its a walk. Or eventually, maybe its a run or sneaking out to a spin or yoga class. I gotta start somewhere though, so I am starting small. Maybe I pick up my hand weights and can only do something for 10 minutes that day and that’s it. Fine. It’s better than nothing though. Once I get my double jogging stroller that will make it easier. I’ve had my eye on this one for a little while now. As for yoga, I’m hoping to snag a job teaching at a place with childcare and just updated my CPR/first aid/AEG cert.

I am also trying hard to clean up my eating which, while breastfeeding, isn’t easy. I get so hungry and out of desperation and convenience I eat the easiest most filling thing which often tends to be cookies, brownies, bread, crackers, etc. I made a double batch of these Peanut Butter Chocolate Energy Balls a few weeks ago which were a filling, lactation boosting snack. I’ll be making another batch soon. Now that spring seems to be slowly creeping back I can do more smoothies, too. I made my own version of the Whole Foods Green Dream Smoothie today and added chia and flax and it kept me satiated for most of the afternoon. I need more ideas like this!

So that’s my plan. Now the hard part is sticking to it. Wish me luck!


Xoxo Liz


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