Things I Look Forward to Post Pregnancy

Good morning! I’m currently sitting on the couch doing the first part of the morning routine with Julian. He’s been going to bed pretty late which means he’ll sleep in until about 7:30 most mornings. Even though I feel like I should get up earlier and do something productive or just for myself, this 39 week pregnant mama just rolls with it and takes the chance to sleep in since who knows when I’ll be able to again. Help!

I am looking forward to my 39 week midwife appointment later today. I’ve had no signs of labor being close, just typical tiredness and some pelvic pain and pressure, so I’m not sure if I’ll have them do an internal exam to see if I’ve made any progress or not. I’m pretty sure the answer will be 0 progress and I don’t want to feel frustrated.

However, I did wake up with some mild cramping today but its mostly turned out to be digestive cramps on the other end every time that’s happened over the past weeks, sorry to be TMI. Late pregnancy issues are not pretty. Anyways, my progress or lack thereof status might be nice to know. I’ll be back later this week to report ;-).

So this morning I wanted to share a somewhat light hearted list of things I am looking forward to once my body is back to being mine after pregnancy, birth and nursing. Obviously I am so blessed to be at the end of a second healthy pregnancy and growing and carrying a child is so, so special. But we all have those things we look forward to after a long 9+ months, right?

Botox/fillers or at least some heavy duty eye cream and face moisturizer with Retin A. The botox/fillers thing is half joking/half for reals. These fine lines and legit wrinkles are NO JOKE already and only going to get worse the older I get. I’m also expecting to face another year or more of no or very bad sleep and that doesn’t help one bit with these these wrinkles. I’m pretty careful about what I use on my skin while pregnant and nursing but I think I’m going to need to bring in the big guns. SOS! Suggestions welcome! Heeellllp me.

Spray tan. Doesn’t everyone just feel so much better with a tan? I don’t really know the rules around spray tans when pregnant, maybe some kinds are fine, but I held off last pregnancy and I’m doing the same this time around. Plus its winter and I never leave my house, so why bother. But there’s something about having a little color and glow that makes me instantly feel better about myself.

Amazing Grass. You guys. This drink gives me liiiifeee. I probably talked about it on here before but I usually drink this powder that I buy off Amazon or at Whole Foods mixed in water in the mornings. It gives me so much energy, makes me feel so healthy and I can tell it helps balance my hormones (the maca powder and other herbs in the powder help with this). I truly miss it. During my last pregnancy I asked a midwife at my practice if I could keep drinking it and she said no because these types of supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Also you never know where they source their ingredients from or what’s happening to them in the manufacture process. In a way I was like, Touche’, but also little in disagreement over this call. I don’t really know the rules around this one either, but I am pretty sure vitamins aka prenatal vitamin companies are not FDA regulated either so isn’t this the same? IDK, I don’t know enough, so why risk it?

Working Out/Getting a Trainer. This kind of makes me laugh. Here I am all gung-ho as I sit on my couch in the midst of my 30+ lb weight gain pregnancy “so excited” to run and do heavy HIIT again. But chances of me actually finding the time to do this with 2 kids? Yeah. I had trouble with just one! I mean, I do hope I can squeeze out some time once I am recovered and feeling up to it, I just know myself and if it’s not easy or convenient time-wise it’s going to be an issue. But I would love to find something that works with my life because I feel so much better mentally and physically when I have a regular workout routine.

Orangetheory. I’ve been wanting to try these classes for so long! They finally made a location somewhat close to me, but its still a 25 minute ride and they don’t have a childcare option, so I don’t see it becoming a regular part of my “routine”. But once I get healed and stronger I would love to check it out.

Spinning Certification.  This is an idea I toyed with last spring before getting pregnant. I fell in love with the spin classes at the gym I taught yoga at and considered becoming certified myself to teach.

Getting back to teaching Yoga. As I’ve mentioned on here I became Yoga Alliance 200 hr certified back in April 2015, which was right around the time I started off on this whole childrearing journey. I taught a couple long term classes between pregnancies but I’ve been out of the game a few months now since taking a break from teaching this summer. I find myself missing it, and even more missing the communities I was part of as an instructor at different places. But again, finding the time and energy to prepare classes and teach with two kids? I’ll have to see how it goes later this spring.

The Obvious – wine! Beer! Deli turkey sandwiches. Real sushi. I mean, I think this all goes without saying but I felt like I needed to put it up there.

I hope you have a great day!




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