37-38 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi! I am back for another pregnancy update, this one covering weeks 37-38. I am currently 38.4 weeks and somehow last week just totally slipped away from me.

I also have a confession. I am already in new mom mode and I don’t even have a newborn to care for. Yesterday it was well into the afternoon and I had just brushed my teeth and washed my face for the first time. Ew. To be honest, things have just been taking me a lot longer these past few weeks. I am turtle status.

My energy goes from 0-180 these days which doesn’t help anything. I was pretty much out of commission the entire past weekend, just so exhausted and totally feeling the pressure of this little guy sinking lower and lower. One day I’ll have the energy of my old self on a good day and can accomplish so much and the next day I’ll be a lump on the couch unable to move and so uncomfortable. My emotions have been all over the place since my last update, too. I often find myself a huge crying mess over a variety of things – watching Julian be so grown up and being sad our 1 on 1 time is coming to an end, anxious over the whole labor and delivery process, anxious to be a mom of a toddler and a newborn, and so much more.

Ok so before I ramble on let’s get into the update portion.

How far along? As I covered, 38 weeks 4 days,

Weight Gain? I believe I saw the scale tip to 163 this week. Which is a total gain of around 35 lbs I think? The baby was estimated to be around 7 lbs as of my ultrasound this week.

Maternity Clothes? Nothing new and I give up. I have hopefully no more than 2 weeks to go so anything I buy now is going to be more along the lines of nursing bras and not cute maternity clothes. I saw this meme on Instagram this weekend after venturing to Home Depot with Jeff and Julian in bleach stained sweats, two shirts that barely covered the bottom of my belly, snow boots and my huge maternity coat and laughed out loud. It describes me perfectly these days,

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 2.48.19 PM

Stretch marks? Yup, they are just growing each week, spidering out from my bellybutton piercing despite my constant rotation of lotion made of shea butter, coconut oil and baby oil with aloe. I guess its just to be expected at this point and I have to remind myself I was pretty lucky to only have one or two on my belly last pregnancy.

Sleep? It’s been hit or miss with the last 3-4 nights being consistently bad. Not only am I up to pee super often but then I get back in bed and can’t get back to sleep. I gotta be due for a good night sleep tonight? Please?

Movement? Still feeling pretty good kicks and rolls from this guy. His slow down I reported on my last update was certainly short lived.

Craving? Still loving citrus fruit, coconut water and ice water. Our ice maker has been broken for a year now so anytime I get actual ice water I am in heaven!

Anything making you sick or queasy? Not per se, but I am definitely in a food rut. I’m so tired of the chicken, turkey, beef, pizza pasta rotation but I also have so little interest in finding new recipes these days so the cycle continues.

Labor signs? Nothing definite. I have some symptoms that might mean my body is getting ready, but nothing alarming to call about. For example, and this is totally TMI, I’ve been experiencing a strong “clean out” most of the past week that I’ve heard could be the body preparing for labor. Either that or I have yet another virus or ate something bad but I am thinking it’s more the labor prep than anything. Trying to drink a lot of water and coconut water to stay hydrated amidst this.

Bellybutton status? No question its an outie and been that way for a few months.

Wedding ring status? Off as of this weekend! I made it almost 38 weeks with it on. It didnt even feel tight but when I went to take it off to make burger patties I realized just how tight it had become. I decided to take it off for a while until after the baby comes since I probably won’t want to be in the hopsital with them anyway.

Looking forward to? Meeting this baby! Seeing how Julian does with a little brother in the house. And being a family of 4 finally.




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