36 Week Pregnancy Update

Oh man. What a day…

I live in MA where the entire day we were snowed in thanks to the Bomb Cyclone or whatever crazy name they’re calling this Nor’Easter. But on top of being trapped in my comfy, heated home all day out of the snow I was trapped here with my very cranky possibly sick/possibly teething 2 year old. Fun. Times. It was pretty bad. I feel so terrible when Julian is sick or not feeling well but it’s also super trying on my nerves. He gets in such a bad mood and after hours and hours of that I can’t help it but it gets to me.

Especially at 36 weeks pregnant. But we survived and by his bedtime tonight he seemed a lot better and had been without a fever for almost 12 hours. So after a really crappy night last night I am really hoping we all catch up on some sleep tonight.

Jeff is out helping his dad and uncle plow people out so I am taking advantage of some downtime to share my 36 week pregnancy update. And eat 1/3rd of my pan of Ghirardelli dark chocolate brownies I made since I can’t drink wine to decompress after an intense day.

How far along? 36 weeks and now seeing the doctor weekly until this guy decides to make an appearance.

Weigh Gain? I’m up to 158 el bees. I haven’t gained anything since my last appointment 2 weeks ago. I am hoping the only one gaining weight from this point forward is the babe and not the mama. But I’m sure this 1/3rd pan of brownies isn’t going to help my cause. Oops.


Here I am in all my 36 week pregnant glory. Julian is taking a bath behind me for fun because how the hell else do you pass time and distract a sick 2 year old on a snow day?

Maternity Clothes? Nothing new but the situation is getting dire. I’m still just living off the couple pairs of leggings, jeans, and maternity tanks I’ve had. Belly is hanging out the bottom more than ever. At least my sweatshirts and cardigans still fit if I hang them open. I’ve been borrowing a lot of Jeff’s tshirts and even those are feeling pretty tight!

Stretch marks? Last update I realized my bellybutton piercing scar had a stretch mark running out of it which I got at the very end of pregnancy with Julian. This week I realized that stretch mark is creeping itself further across my belly. Ugh.

Sleep? It’s hit or miss. Some nights are great and other nights I am up 3-4 times to pee and tossing and turning all over the place. I do miss sleeping on my belly a lot and most of the time I am propped up on either my left or right side curled around my boppy pregnancy pillow.

Movement? Well, I had been feeling tons of very strong and exaggerated movements from the baby for quite some time but over the last week those movements decreased a lot. To the point where I mentioned this durning my midwife appointment this week and they wanted to do a quick ultrasound to make sure everything was looking OK with the baby considering his two vessel umbilical cord. Everything was totally fine, which I thought it would be, but it never hurts to be extra sure. He was practicing breathing and emptied his bladder over the course of our scan so that was nice to see as weird as that sounds, lol.

Craving? Clementines and strawberries together are totally my jam. Loving plain coconut water. Kale salads with caesar dressing has been in the rotation a few times. Hot chocolate thanks to this frigid weather we’ve had the last week. And of course any baked good – brownies, cookies, you know.

Anything making you sick or queasy? Not really but I am getting really tired of turkey, chicken, beef. I need to find some new delicious ways to get my protein in.

Labor signs? Nothing. In fact a week or two ago I was feeling really uncomfortable with pressure and pain and having that heavy and tired feeling that I was thinking maybe this baby is going to be early. But somehow all that eased up and I feel totally fine and like he is pretty cozy and not coming anytime soon. Go figure.

Bellybutton status? No question its an outie and been that way for a few months.

Wedding ring status? On. No swelling here thanks to this super dry and freezing weather.

Looking forward to? My sister and mother in law are throwing a baby sprinkle for me this weekend so that should be fun. And after that I’ll be all up on my Amazon Prime ordering the last minute things I need to stock the new baby’s room. I also need to probably think about packing a bag to take to the hospital for me and the baby and let’s face it, Jeff too. Ah and I just realized I probably need to have something ready to go for Julian since it’s likely he’ll be spending at least a night with Jeff’s parents when this all goes down.

I really don’t think I need to have everything packed and ready to go by the door. The way my labor went with Julian I could have packed and repacked all my stuff about 30 times before I needed to actually leave the house to go to the hospital. I know they say second babies come quicker but I’m pretty sure I’ll have plenty of time to get everything together. Even if I do nothing from now until then.

Crazy to think we are just 4 weeks or even less away (hopefully not more) from meeting this little baby. We really need to think of a short list to have for names but while we’ve thrown around a few, nothing seems to be sticking as a real possibility, still. How is Julian the only boys name that I like??





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