Merry Christmas 2017

Hi there! Merry day after Christmas! We had an amazing couple days celebrating the holiday with family. Christmas with a 2 year old was so much more than I expected and made me so excited for years to come when Julian is all the more aware of the magic of the season.

We kicked off the weekend Thursday night with dinner at the Grog – our old fave restaurant/watering hole when Jeff and I lived in Newburyport.


Jeff was off Friday but still had some work to get done so Julian and I hung out in the morning, hit the dump to drop off our recycling just as they closed and I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I remember my mom used to make around this time of year.

Saturday it snowed and iced all day and later that night we had a get together with my dad’s side of the fam. We did a yankee swap and Jul got a Minion stuffed toy that he adored – he’s been obsessed with Minions ever since we pulled out our Christmas decorations and out came a hat we must have got last year – a santa style minion hat. He’s been wearing it around non stop.

Sunday was Christmas Eve and actually was an amazingly relaxing day for me thanks to Jeff. He took Julian out to run errands in the morning and visit his grandfather and I got to stay home and clean the house in peace – trust me that was practically a gift in itself. I’ve been struggling with low energy lately so the rest of the day I laid low while Julian napped and Jeff watched the Pats and wrapped the rest of our gifts. Amazing. He is my christmas elf for sure. That night we headed over to see Jeff’s dad’s side at his cousins house.


Christmas Eve night we came home and helped Julian set out milk, cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. Then we read a few Christmas stories in our pjs (Twas the Night Before Christmas, and the Christmas Story)…


tucked Jul into bed and moved all his Santa gifts upstairs under the tree.


We woke up to a White Christmas the next morning which was all the more special. My mom wished for a white Christmas every year and I so felt this was a sign from her and that she was with us all day.


Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and (lots) of black coffee for me.


My Christmas elves. So thankful for these two.


After the snow let up we headed out that afternoon to my dads to celebrate with my family.


This was definitely a tough Christmas for everyone since losing my mom just 6 months ago but at least for me, having Julian’s happy and innocent spirit truly carries me through the hard times. Family is everything and I’m so glad we could all be together for Christmas dinner.


This time next year we could potentially have two little guys running around! I hope you had a happy and fulfilling Christmas weekend.




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