33 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi! I am back to share my 33 week pregnancy update with you after a few weeks of silence. Julian and I have been hit hard with whatever cold is going around. Today is pretty much the first day I’ve not felt on the edge of death in about 3 weeks. It starts as a head cold and ends in a terrible post nasal cough and night times have been a struggle for both me and Julian, especially on the coughing front. And here I was hoping to be stock piling sleep until the new one arrives. Life says Yeah right Liz!

So let’s jump into the 33 week update. Last week I went for a midwife appt and had my level 2 ultrasound so lot’s to report.

How far along? 33 weeks!

Weigh Gain? I think my weight gain is slowing down. I only had gained a pound at my last appointment from two weeks ago. So Im up to, I think 153/4-ish, now.


Me: This pregnancy, 33 weeks looking a hot mess thanks to the sickness I’ve had (sorry). After looking back I realized I didn’t take many bump photos after about 30 weeks with Julian so I don’t have a compare this week. 😦

I feel like my belly is huge in this photo but surprisingly over the last week I don’t feel out of control large like I had been the past few months. Maybe I am just getting used to my size?

Maternity Clothes? I’m still just living off the couple pairs of leggings, jeans, and maternity tanks I’ve had and let me tell you, the bigger I get the less of my regular clothes are working (belly hanging out the bottom of even my biggest shirts = sexy) and its getting hard to put outfits together.

Last week I caught a sale on outerwear on Motherhood maternity and bought this jacket here. It came today and I really love it. It has an extra panel you can zip down in the front so you can wear your baby all tucked into your coat once he’s here, and of course have the extra room during the third trimester, and then simply unzip the panel when you aren’t pregnant or baby wearning. This wasn’t really a purchase I had planned to make but when I saw the baby wearing aspect I had to give it a shot. I wore Julian all the time when he was a newborn and wished for a nice coat I could zip him up in on trips out of the house. Def recommend!

Stretch marks? Well, my bellybutton piercing stretch mark is back in action, which I got during the last month of pregnancy with Julian. Bummer. But if that’s all I get it’ll be a blessing and a miracle.

Sleep? Sleep had been great until I got the cold from hell and have been waking up with the most clogged sinuses, hacking a lung and the rest of it. Ugh. If it’s not me then I am getting up to help Julian back to sleep through his coughing and nose issues. Poor guy. I feel so bad when he’s sick.

Movement? Lot’s of movement for the most part.

Craving? Coconut water, citrus fruit, really any fruit tastes so good – apples, berries. And using being pregnant over the holidays as my excuse to eat baked goods aplenty.

Anything making you sick or queasy? Not really. But I am getting really tired of chicken salad for lunch though. I switched it up and got veggie sushi rolls from the market yesterday and it was amazing.

Labor signs? Nothing except a few random braxton hicks here and there. Totally not intense and totally normal.

Bellybutton status? For a few weeks now I’ve been rocking the outie.

Wedding ring status? On and still comfortable. Still not much swelling, however if it weren’t turning to winter that might be a different story.

Looking forward to? I guess celebrating our last Christmas as a family of 3? And of course once the baby is here!

So last Thursday we had our level 2 ultrasound to check the babys growth and development. With the two vessel cord they want to be sure the baby isn’t too small and also the kidneys and renal function is developing as normal. Luckily everything looked perfectly fine there and the babe is growing right on track. He currently weighs 4 lb 3 oz. so he is also not a huge baby like my belly measurements were telling the last few appointments. I had been measuring 3 weeks ahead!

They also took a look at the brain and the choroid plexus cyst that was there at the anatomy scan is completely gone! They had told me it didn’t affect brain function or anything and that it normally resolves itself, but where it is used as a soft marker for the trisomy disorders it made us nervous.


Baby #2! In a way he looks so much like Julian but at the same time it’s hard to tell. I can’t wait to see him live and in person 🙂

Having the level 2 scan with the fetal specialist was something I requested vs a regular ultrasound in the office and I am so glad I did it even though I felt like I was maybe going overboard. I mean after all, these people have to deal with babies with big, scary problems. But the sonographer and doctor were both so thorough and kind and completely put me at ease so it was worth it. Now I feel like I can relax and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy, all 7 weeks of it!

Oh and in case you were wondering we still have no name for the little guy. There are so many names out there that are OK, but none of them have clicked and felt right. Jeff feels the same. I am thinking the name will probably be a game time decision, after we’ve met him.




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