Hello From the Weekend

Hi! It’s Saturday afternoon, Juj is down for a nap finally, and as I sat down to put my feet up for a few I realized it’s been a minute since I checked in on here. So while I sit here drinking water and battling some probably normal third trimester cramping I thought I could catch up with the past week.

Currently listening to Spotify Singles: Holiday edition and its so good. If you haven’t heard Sam Smith’s version of “River” you haven’t lived life to the fullest. You need to check it out.


Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

Wednesday I spent the morning at a midwife appointment (all went fine) and running around doing last minute errands before heading to my dad’s to help prep for dinner the next day. I was in charge of the veggies (I used this recipe from Skinnytaste and it was delish, not so great for leftovers though), the cranberry sauce which I used my mom’s go to recipe here, and the pumpkin cheesecake which I totally half assed and used a premade graham cracker crust with a super easy but not very creative from the Kraft website for the filling.

Thanksgiving and the day before were always my mom’s favorite holidays so they were especially difficult this year but between my sisters and my dad, we pulled together a pretty impressive spread.


Juj’s Thanksgiving OOTD. I can’t with those high tops.


A little pre-Black Friday sales scoping.

The next day we headed off to Connecticut to spend the weekend with our good friends who have a toddler Julian’s age. It was our second year in a row visiting and we had a great time hanging out. Unfortunately, I had come down with a pretty bad cold and I spent Thanksgiving weekend trying to convince myself it wasn’t THAT bad when I really felt pretty terrible.

Just as I started feeling better mid-week is when Julian came down with the same thing, right in time for Jeff to be off work for a few days this week. The worst day by far was Wednesday into Thursday for him. He was a no sleeping, cranky, coughing, boogery mess with about 10 more tantrums than usual due to everything.


We did manage to get out on Wednesday morning before things got too bad to pick up our tree around the corner.


I’m not sure Julian knows 100% what Christmas is all about but he is totally into seeing Santas, snowmen, reindeer, and Christmas trees and loving all the Christmas music we’ve been playing. We managed to decorate our tree Thursday between wiping Julians nose and his many tantrums just brought on by not feeling good. Poor guy.


The three of us headed out to do some Christmas shopping Friday morning when this cool dude woke up from a good night sleep and feeling a lot better than the day before. “Cool dude” is what he calls himself with the shades on. I had bought these off Amazon when he was still a tiny baby and kept them in my car convinced he would never stand to wear them. I was so excited when he kept them on yesterday, plus he hates the sun in his eyes so he really needs them too.

We had originally planned to use Jeff’s mini vaca to venture up to North Conway, NH for a couple days to check out Santa’s Village, do some outlet shopping and poking around. We nixed the idea after realizing the sickness hit Julian and being pretty tired from a busy long weekend over Thanksgiving (mostly me).

But it’s been really nice having Jeff around and enjoying some time to catch up on stuff around the house and downtime before the craziness of the next few weeks sets in. I think Julian’s been a little overwhelmed with both of us around him so much and is totally in a dad obsessed phase, like stage 5 clinger status, so it’s been a little challenging on that front with his behavior (toddler punk), but overall it’s been so good to enjoy our time as a family of 3 before all that changes.

I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing and December is off to a fun start!




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