No News is Good News

Hi! It’s the Monday of Thanksgiving week and I’m sure, like for everyone, this week is sure to be a crazy one. In fact, this morning while Julian was playing after breakfast I sat down and wrote out an old school calendar for the next month and half with the stuff we already have going on. While we have some down days, the next few weeks – end of the year are going to be busy. All good stuff though!

Today ended up being a rare, super productive day and my little toddler friend was in a good, go with the flow mood which was wonderful. We had breakfast (black coffee, steel cut oats with banana and almond butter for me) and I was able to squeeze in a fast YouTube prenatal cardio workout while Julian played. I showered and got us both dressed then we walked the trash down to the street and loaded up the recycling to take to the dump (momlife, also town taxes don’t cover household waste life). Jul loves seeing all the trucks at the dump so that usually keeps him in a good mood while I run back and forth to the dumpsters. Then we got Julian’s haircut, he did great which is always a total crap shoot, and picked up lunch at Panera (arugula chicken salad which I gave the chicken to Julian along with a flatbread turkey cranberry flatbread with an iced green tea) before we stopped to say hi to Dada at work.

Today I also turned 30 weeks pregnant. OMG. I remember this from last time too, that when I turned 30 weeks it was a sort of unofficial milestone for me. While yes, I still have 10 weeks to go, its the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy (and maybe my last pregnancy?? We’ll see?). It just seems like the countdown is kind of on now. I mean, in 6 more weeks I could basically go at anytime, so that’s kind of crazy to think. By no means am I wishing away this pregnancy, let me just say.

Because this week is going to be kind of jam packed I probably won’t get around to doing a 30 week update which I had meant to do since I am now checking in at the midwife every 2 weeks. Also, I just did one last week so not TOO much has changed. Except that I’ve started getting pretty significant nosebleeds in the mornings a lot of the time, which I am sure is because we are running the heat in combo with those pregnancy hormones. So that’s kind of a pain but not a huge deal.

No news back on my gestational diabetes screen, which at my practice no news usually means good news. I’ll be so disappointed if I walk in there Wednesday to hear that I need to go back in for the 3 hr glucose test. Let’s hope not. This means the major pregnancy thirst I’ve been experiencing is probably just that, and not gestational diabetes like I was wondering a few weeks ago. I’m just trying to stay hydrated with water and coconut water as much as possible and it helps. The times that I am running around or busy and I don’t hydrate as much I definitely regret it later when I wake up with the driest sinuses, headache, and extreme thirst. It’s like being hungover without the fun part of actually drinking.

Julian’s up from his nap. I’m debating running to the store to pick up the things I need for Thursday as well as dinner tonight but it seems a tad early for those veggies. I also am really inkling (word? I dont think so) to pick up a little pre-lit fake Christmas tree to put in our living room/play room even though Jeff miiight want to kill me.

Have a great rest of your day!




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