My Baby Turned 2

Happy Friday! Today was a rare day in these past few months that I was up and mentally prepared to be out the door before 10am. I’m sure that sounds ridiculous to most people but Jul and I enjoy our slow mornings when we don’t have music class or plans to rush off to. We eat breakfast, I drink coffee, he plays independently for a bit and I catch up on random to-dos or social media before I clean up the kitchen, throw some laundry in/make the bed/neaten the upstairs, and get us dressed. Before I know it, it’s often 10:30 before we’re ready to head out someplace. Enjoying it while I can since in a few months a newborn baby will be dictating our lives!

Last Sunday on November 12th at 1:04pm, my baby, or not so baby, turned two years old. Where has the time gone?? The first year with all its challenges and adjustments went so slow. This past year flew. From what I keep hearing its just going to continue to go fast, which seems hard to believe.

We celebrated by having our immediate families over for dinner and cake this past Sunday. It’s also my mother in law’s birthday that same day, my birthday is the 9th and my brother in law is the 8th so it was fun to celebrate everyone all at once.


I ended up not taking one picture the whole day! All I have is what I air dropped off Jeff’s phone. I’m pretty sad because I made this dump truck cake (I used this look here) and not only did it come out awesome looking but it tasted amazing. It was an avalanche of pure chocolately goodness. I also made a funfetti cake with my own vanilla buttercream frosting for everyone else’s cake which means it’s cake central over here and this pregnant chick is going to town eating up all the leftovers. The ironic part is we had two cakes here and Julian refused even one bite of either. He just isn’t a sweets guy unless were talking pumpkin or chocolate “doe-does” aka munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts.

So in honor of my now 2 year old I thought I would record a few things he’s currently up to.

Favorite Toy: Trucks, especially ones that come with a drill to take apart and put back together, Lego blocks, wooden blocks, his ride on Batmobile from his nana last year, any mini toy trucks or trains or cars and if they make noise its all the better. Outside toy: his John Deer ride on tractor from his grandparents.

Words/Sayings: “What’s that noise??” to anything he hears, sees or feels that he doesn’t know what it is. “I’m shy” for I’m scared. “Hey Mama/Dada/Gramp/etc” to get our attention, he’s basically in full repeat mode of anything he hears come out of my or anyone’s mouth which gets interesting at times when I am not so careful and let out swears. Calling our cat “Yee” as he chases him around the house (his name is Leon and we often call him Lee).

Songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABCs Song, I Love You, You Love Me, Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid and any song that Sesame Street musical guests sing (Neyo, Usher, Dave Matthews, etc). Also “Wild Thoughts” by Rihanna and his dad has him dancing after dinner to lots of random songs by Supergrass, Rusted Root, The Beatles or rockabilly from the 1950s. He’s sure to have a random range of music tastes as he gets older.

Weight/Height: 26.4 lbs, 34 in tall as per his pedi appointment this week. I pulled the plug this week and turned his carseat to front facing. He meets the height and weight requirements for his carseat and he’s now 2 years old and I hope facing forward will eliminate some of the car tantrums we’ve been having for months on end. Its been torturous. Every mom has to do what they feel is right. There are many out there who keep their child rear facing much beyond this point and plenty who turned their kids sooner. Live and let live.

Favorite Food: Chicken nuggets, corn, most cheeses, Blueberries, Goldfish crackers, most fruit and chicken/turkey he’ll eat but that’s about it. Mealtimes are a struggle lately. Thank god for when I can get him to eat a food pouch or jar of veggies because he won’t touch the solid versions by themselves.

Loves: Elmo, his whale (Carter’s Whale Lovey), organizing things and putting them into his dump trucks or cars, (puzzle pieces, leftover Halloween candy), pointing out planes in the sky, trucks on the street, boats, trains, his grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousin play time, Music class, going on “strolla walks”, climbing things, being outside, his dada and mama (mama sometimes ;-})

Dislikes: Diaper changes, getting dressed, getting teeth brushed, rinsing hair in the bath, his carseat (says “I’m stuck” or “Too Tight”), waking up from naps – this kid is in the WORST mood everyday after nap for like 30 minutes.

Biggest Ease: I’m not sure anything is particularly easy with a 2 year old consistently but I have to say *while I knock on wood* that he’s been sleeping pretty well the last few months and doesn’t fight nap or bedtime per se. Thank you Lord Jesus for that since he basically didn’t sleep the whole first year. Although I may already be speaking too soon since the past few nights he’s been bumping and partying in his crib with his stuffed animals for almost a whole hour before settling to sleep. Please don’t let this be the dreaded 2 year sleep regression! We’ve come so far!

Sleep: He takes anywhere from 45 minutes – 2 hr nap in the afternoons and sleeps around 830pm – 7am. I feel very fortunate for this after so long of interrupted sleep.

Biggest Challenge: Discipline, or finding effective discipline, getting him to understand that he can’t just do whatever he wants and run the show, follow directions. Also going through a big “mine” phase, or as he calls it “mysh”

Books: Dream Snow by Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, also just coming out of a heavy phase of the First 100 Words/Animals/Numbers Colors Shapes books. Lots of Santa and holiday books going on right now too.

TV/Movie: Sesame Street, Superwhy, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train.

Sidebar: I admit when we’re home in the mornings and after nap we have the tv on a lot of the time. Then I like to watch the news while I get dinner together and when I’m making breakfast. I am trying to be more mindful of this and turn the TV off and put on some music after Julian watches a favorite show. On the other hand, he doesn’t really sit and watch unless he’s particularly chill or focused, it’s just there for background noise and occasionally something catches his attention for a few minutes. He never seems to miss it if we’re busy and on the go. Again, I know this is a big controversial topic and everyone just has to do what they feel is best. With the difficulties brought by this summer I kind of let the TV use get ahead of us and I’m trying to scale it back a bit now. Just in time for Christmas music and crafts :).

The only movie he’s come close to watching is Moana. We threw it on after a trip to NH this summer while it was rainy outside and we unpacked and though he didn’t make it through the whole thing, he seemed to enjoy it! It helped he knew the music ahead of time to keep his interest.

Knows: Numbers, Colors, Letters, some shapes – thank you to PBS and our books for this!

Favorite Color: Blue, so he told me a few weeks ago.


Happy birthday to my sweet, challenging, spirited, fun loving, sensitive little man! I can’t wait to see how you grow over the next year, and please don’t hate me too much when we bring your little brother home in a few months. ❤ ❤ ❤




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