Halloween 2017

Happy Sugar Coma Day aka Day After Halloween!

I’ve already totally overdone it on the halloween candy. This year I just didn’t hold back, using pregnancy as my excuse, because obv. On Saturday, I bought two regular sized bags of our family favorites – Reese’s Cups for me and Hershey Bars for Jeff and had about 7 pieces left over by mid-afternoon yesterday. Oooops. So even though we never get trick or treaters to our house I did my annual last minute back and forth and ended up running to the gas station around the corner to grab like 10 more candy bars, just in case. Yeah. Then we took Jul trick or treating and amassed even more treats. So yeah. I need to either find a way to donate half of this stash or shove it into the depths of my freezer and hope I forget about them. Unlikely.

Candy binges aside, I am so excited that our Halloween 2017 was a success! Julian went as The Count from Sesame Street and was just the sweetest thing I could imagine. A few weeks ago I picked up a few Halloween themed books from TJMaxx and we’ve been reading them often to get him somewhat used to the whole idea. We also saw a lot of spooky decorations up at the houses along our walk route so I took that chance to try and talk up more Halloween stuff and try to get him excited. Up until a few days ago he was still pretty unsure about the whole thing, but maybe playing the Sesame Street Halloween montage and having Bob the Builder Halloween and Curious George Halloween on repeat helped.

(Side bar: This approach definitely helped so I’ll be doing it again for all things Santa and Christmas. He’s still young to totally grasp these concepts but he does get it a little.)

I took Jul over to my in laws yesterday afternoon for lunch and it was the first time I got him into his costume in the week that we’ve had it. He’s been so funky with clothes lately, refusing to wear anything new, anything with words, his Pats jersey, etc. So when he first glimpsed the Count costume he gave me a look that basically said “get that thing away from me, ma” so I didn’t push it any further and hoped he’d come around.

He did! By yesterday he was excited to put it on and was stomping around to the “Number of the Day” just like Count.


 Such an #ootd pose

We ran home for his nap and then it was time for the real deal. Our friends with a daughter the same age as Julian met over our house and Jeff was able to get out of work early so we all took the kids trick or treating. Guys with secret beers in hand and all (they hid them in fake Starbucks cups, similar here). The neighborhood down the street from us has a lot of kids and those houses that get all spooky so it was a fun route to go. Jul loved walking up the walkways and getting to pick candy out of the bowls himself, but kept saying “I’m shy” whenever we walked by anything even remotely creepy, aka he was scared. But he loved seeing lit up happy jacko’lanterns and pumpkins. Skeletons and ghosts, not so much.

2 is an interesting age to go trick or treating as he’s just starting to determine if things are scary to him where last year he was just learning to walk really well so that was his focus and everything else went over his head.

Cutest count ever. I can’t believe next year we’ll be taking an almost 3 year old and a 7 month old trick or treating! So crazy to even think of it!




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