What’s In My Mom Bag | Mom of Two Year Old

Hows the Thursday going?

Last night I did a fun night out with some girl friends – we went to a NailedIt event which is kind of like a Paint Nite only you make wooden signs – and I got home at 1030! Seeing as I’ve been asleep on the couch the last 3 nights before 9pm, you could say I had a slow and sleepy morning. Nothing a few strong cups of black Pikes Place couldn’t help. Jul and I were out the door by 9:30 to story time and outside play with friends.

So today I wanted talk diaper bags and what we keep in them. I love seeing what other people carry around so I’m sharing what I typically have on me. Although I can’t really say diaper bag, per se, because I just bought a new purse and tossed my beloved SkipHop bag.

That skiphop bag, my friends, was a legit diaper bag and after too much back and forth I finally picked it out when Julian was about 5-6 months old. It’s served us so well and was just perfect for those early months when you are lugging bottles (if you’re so lucky to have a baby that takes one!) of milk/formula, extra clothes, lots of diapers, toys and the kitchen sink. Now that Julian is almost two I was in desperate need of something new. One too many drinks and food pouches had spilled in there to the point I started getting grossed out just sticking my hands in to get something out. So yeah, it was definitely time.

I admit I have my eyes on this Fawn Design Diaper bag for the new little guy’s arrival, but in the mean time I needed something so I picked up a standard black Steve Madden bag at TJMaxx last week that has gold hardware. As I was switching everything over and throwing out a lot of gross stuff I decided to snap a pic of what I keep in there for myself and as a mom to an almost 2 year old.


1.) Neutrogena Face Wipes – I need to get a hard travel case to keep the moisture in, but I randomly find myself with these in my bag off and on through the year. They mostly sit under my bathroom sink but I like to take them with me in the summer to freshen up on long day trips or after  being out in the heat.

2.) Gray and White toiletry bag – In here are two pocket hand sanitizers, a couple travel deodorants (never know!), travel size Honest company diaper rash cream, Badger Kids sunscreen stick (smells like banana bubblegum which I love), hand lotion, and more lotion for my hands that get so cracked and dry in the winter.

3.) Diaper Clutch I just tossed out my beloved JJ Cole clutch which I had since Julian was only about 3 weeks old because it was just..gross..like everything else. I ordered this one off Amazon and it’s the same design. These clutches are so key and convenient. They fit a couple diapers, a small pack of wipes and unroll easily into a changing surface and are just perfect for on the go. Can’t recommend them enough.

4.) Plastic bag for snacks – Currently a couple food pouches, Sunny Day apple fruit bars, teething crackers that Julian still loves, and a Madagascar Vanilla KIND bar for moi. Gotta have snacks.

5.) Wallet

6.) Pen

7.) Keys

8.) Doublemint Gum all natural no weird chemicals

9.) Chapstick – this is a must. Right now its Burts Bees but I usually have an EOS egg. I am hopelessly addicted to chapstick since like 7th grade and there’s no turning back now. I have one for each area of my house, car, bag, you name it.

So that’s it! I’m sure once I have a newborn again this is going to change and I’ll definitely need more room. But I am going to enjoy not lugging a suitcase around with me for the next few months.

Have a great day!

Xoxo Liz


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