Woosahhh. Real Talk

Seriously needing to WOOsahhh these last few days.

I need to be real at the moment. No painting a perfect picture for the blog or any readers out there. This is real life.

Toddler life is getting the worst of me right now. I already am a person with very little patience and being a parent just takes that patience and REALLY tests it and then being 24 weeks pregnant basically takes away any patience I may have started with and throws it right out the window. Pregnant or not, I think we all must feel this way sometimes, no? Yes?

It all started Friday morning when I woke up agitated for no apparent reason. Our plans fell through but we still ended up getting together with a friend and her daughter and it was great.

Then I spent all but 2 hours of the weekend wrangling a crazy, non-listening, doing stuff he knows is wrong just to piss me off (seemingly so when he looks me dead in the eye and smiles while doing it!) toddler.

I’m trying to be more understanding/flexible that my husband works long hours all week and then has a ton of stuff to catch up on around the house (yard/house/car maintenance). It’s been easier to let him off the hook on the weekends to get some of that stuff done since having our sitter come once a week for a few hours so I can get a break. And in turn I feel like my husband’s been around for fun a little more. Something about parenting when there’s someone else in the same room or even house with you makes it a little easier sometimes (aka why single parents have ALL my love and respect).

This weekend we also were able to start setting up the new baby’s room.

IMG_4490Our bro in law came over Saturday afternoon and helped lug the old office furniture to the garage and move the new crib and bureau set we picked up off Facebook marketplace (like Craigslist) upstairs. Then we needed to install shelving in the closet and hang the blackout shades and stuff like that. And Jeff took the day Sunday to change the oil and filters in my car and do a bunch of maintenance that’s been desperately needed, clean the basement, organize, etc. Meanwhile I took Jul to my Dad’s for the afternoon so I could help go through some of my mom’s things (wayy harder than I expected) and ended up eating dinner there and driving Julian home in his pjs in case he fell asleep. He didn’t, but I wish he did.

It’s been a long few days. Monday mornings are usually my day to stay home and clean and do food shopping. Like most people’s Sundays. Kind of start fresh for the week. The more pregnant I get the more tiring these marathon cleaning and food shopping/lugging groceries/putting away is becoming. Meanwhile I have my adorable toddler constantly under foot, in the way, riding the vacuum, getting into all my lotions and facewash and toothpaste, etc. Bless him, I know he’s just trying to play and learn and keep himself entertained but he also knows what he’s not supposed to do (trust me he knows) and does it anyway cuz he knows I am busy and not paying 100% attention to him.

Can we say if the terrible 2s starts before 2 that it will end just before 3?? Can that be a thing??

Also, people say 3 is way worse than 2. Hold me. Can we say this is totally child dependent?

Yikes. So yeah I basically need to take like 10 deep breaths and just reset. Thankfully my bug has been napping for 1.5 hours and I had enough time and motivation to prep this and throw it into the slow cooker for dinner. Love.

The good news is I/we have very little we need to get done this afternoon so when Julian wakes up I am really going to try and be more patient and just have a way better day with him than the last few. If it wasn’t raining (and hot and humid?? Hello, October?) I would take him to a playground but I’ll have to think of something else.


Liz aka Tired Mom mode




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