When Pregnant…

…do as the other preggos do.

Things haven’t changed much for me from the first time I was pregnant in the sense that I love to hear and read about other people’s pregnancy experiences. Especially those pregnant the same time as me.

I had a few online gems that I followed back in 2015 that I got so much good advice from as a first time preggo/mom – Gina from the blog The Fitnessista and Rachel Weiland’s Youtube Channel GlowofGrace were two I frequented. Gina was on her second pregnancy, due a few weeks before me, and I think Rachel had her baby almost a year before I had mine but her bimonthly updates were so informative and so good to watch. Jessie James Decker was also pregnant with #2 back then and posted a couple pregnancy updates on her Youtube Channel.

I also went back to my favorite bloggers first time pregnancy recaps a lot.

This time around I find myself pregnant for a second time and I, again, love following along other people’s pregnancy journeys. So I wanted to share a few I am into right now.¬†

Life in Leggings – I’ve been reading Heather’s blog for a few years and was so happy to see her announcement that she is in the second trimester of pregnancy. Looking forward to following along her journey.

GlowofGrace – Rachel is pregnant for the second time! While she’s a few months behind me I still will look forward to her updates because I find her so thorough and easy to watch.

Fannetastic Food – I’ve read Anne’s blog on and off the past few years but rekindled my reading when I stumbled across her instagram and learned she was pregnant. She’s due a couple months before me, in November.

A few others I follow either on Instagram or Youtube to get bits of what life is like with two kids.

Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi – Insta/Snapchat. So entertaining and her kids are adorable. Love that she’s a mom who is working on all these different projects but her kids are the biggest priority.

Tara Henderson – Youtube Channel, mentioned her in my last Friday Favorites.

The Fitnessista — Insta/Blog,

EatLiveRun — Insta/Blog

Jessie James Decker — Insta, same as Nicole Polizzi, she’s an awesome working mama.

RealLeyla — Youtube Channel and Insta

Also going back and rewatching some of Anna Saccone’s third pregnancy updates on her Youtube channel. She gave birth back in the spring time. You may know her blog and channel called The Style Diet.

This is may sound like a creeptastic post but honestly if you are pregnant its a great way to pick up on pregnancy tips (clothes, food, sleeping, workouts), medical advice (always check with your own doctor, obv), and the newest baby/nursing gear. It’s just fun!

Are there any awesome ones I am missing? Let me know!

Xoxo Liz



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