What Day Is it?

Ok, it’s Wednesday. I had to check.

This week has felt like a whirlwind and it’s only halfway through. Maybe because we have plans to head up to the lake house on Friday and spend the weekend up there so I am losing a day?

It’s been hot hot hot here. I mean, we’re still running the ac’s and it’s Sept 27th. In northern MA. That is crazy! It’s been sticky and well into the 80s. I feel like I usually don’t care about the summer hanging around extra but this year, IDK, I am pregnant and feeling huge and I’m just kind of ready to hide under bulky sweaters already.

Anyway, I am here today with a little recap of the week so far and random thoughts.


Julian was so proud to have lined all his friends up on the stairs and took a seat next to them! My bug bug ❤

Monday, Jul and I hung out and did our usual clean the house routine – counters, dust, vacuum, clean the bathrooms, change sheets, laundry. We took a late afternoon walk and I was exhausted by the time Jeff came home. I forget how pregnancy can make you feel so drained after doing regular stuff. We ended up having dinner closer to 7 and right as I was finally getting Julian down for the night Jeff ended up going into the attic and finding 3 mice trapped up there! So gross but this is what happens when you live in the woods apparently. By the time he got them out of there and we cleaned up everything and sat down to relax it was almost 10!

Tuesday flew by, too. Jul and I were out of the house early for music class which was great as always. Then we hit up Dunkins for iced coffee and a pumpkin “doe-doe” aka pumpkin munchkin (yes my son is so fall-basic and its my fault) and then to the grocery store quickly to pick up stuff for lunch. My friend from high school came over and spent the afternoon with us having lunch and hanging out which was nice. Before I knew it Jeff was home around 7 and we ate a quick dinner and crashed not long after getting Julian to bed.


Guys, the pregnancy acne struggle is real. This snap is heavily filtered and its still soo obvious. HELP! More to come in my 24 week pregnancy update..

This morning was another quick one, as I rushed out the door not long after our sitter walked in and was off to a yoga class in Newburyport. I’m happy to say I’ve been finally getting more exercise since the 2nd trimester started. I have been pretty good about using my few free hours on Wednesday mornings to do a yoga class and taking walks with the stroller a few times a week (2-3 miles). It’s nothing crazy but it makes me feel good and like I’m at least doing something to physically and mentally prepare for labor. Because lord knows what a physical and thus mental toll that takes on ya. Yikes.

Speaking of labor, I may have found a second hand crib and dresser that we’re going to take a look at next week. Yayy! I am pretty ready and excited to start carving out a space for the new baby in our house.

I also started – NOT a registry in the traditional, expect to have a baby shower sense, but a list on Amazon (albeit in the baby registry section) of things I am going to need to have for the new baby. Ok and I may have linked it into Babylist and added a Fawn Design Diaper Bag as well. I love that it can be a backpack or a regular shoulder bag. Hey, maybe it’ll be a birthday or Christmas present to me from Jeff ;-).

But anyways, I laughed as I was making my list at how practical it was, nothing like my baby registry with Julian. Nope, this list contains things like Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, gas drops, probiotic drops, gripe water (none of the things I actually had on hand for Julian and ended up needing last minute) along with diapers and wipes and new washcloths and towels. I’ll be adding more things as I think of them and hoping to utilize the completion discount in a few months to save some $. As far as toys and clothes go I can’t imagine we’ll need much but I do anticipate needing to get a few new white onesies and pjs because those tend to get a lot of use and get gross fast. But I’ll be able to take a look once I unpack all of Julian’s old clothes when we have the new closet set up.

That’s my random blabbing for today. I am going to the kitchen to search out a brownie and sit quietly in the peace of the house before Julian wakes up from his nap, cranky as usual until I am able to get him to snap out of it. Toddler life!




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