Friday Faves 3

Hola! Happy Friday! It’s been a long and rainy week here. Jeff was also traveling most of it, so it was just me and the Juj but despite everything it turned out to be one of the smoothest, least stressful dada-away weeks we’ve had. That’s a favorite, right there.

Speaking of, I never do Friday Favorites. You can find my other random ones here and here . I lovee reading other people’s but when it comes down to it I just think I suck at it. I don’t buy nearly enough stuff to try out and rave about weekly and I don’t get out too much to try things that are new and worth talking about lol. But for once I actually do have some faves I’m going to share this week.

Nap time Psycho Move of the week: Running outside in socks during nap time Thursday afternoon to chase down the flower delivery lady before she could ring the door bell and getting a rock stuck in the sole of my right foot. Ouch. Who the hell even sends flowers to me? But then I saw a gorgeous bouquet with the sweetest note from my husband which, not to sound lame but I’m going to, was so sweet and made it all worth it.


Reigning it in: I’m getting back on the healthy eating train, at least trying. The last 4 months have been the wild west of eating. It’s been such a refined sugar overload, I’ve eaten all the snacks I want like pretzels and chips/salsa which is not like me, and we’ve done so much takeout and processed/convenience foods. It’s all been thanks to my pregnancy sickness/aversions/pickiness making it impossible to meal plan or even cook most of the time.

Also, I literally found myself at the grocery store 6 out of 7 days last week which is so bad in so many ways. You buy more, you spend more, and you waste so much time. This week I decided enough was enough. I purged my fridge and cleaned it out on Sunday to start as fresh as possible, then I made a rough meal plan and shopping list and headed to the store.

It’s been great and I’ve actually stuck to my plan for the most part. I decided I needed to do a way better job with my protein intake after talking to the midwife last week. She told me I should be getting about 60 grams of protein a day and while I may come pretty close to that I want to be more mindful of what I am eating and getting more non-meat sources into my system.

So Sunday night I made huge batch of this fall harvest quinoa bowl I absolutely love and we ate some for dinner that night and I’ve eaten it for lunch almost everyday this week. It’s just about gone now. I’ll be sharing the recipe here soon for sure! And also because Eat Live Run never fails me I made Jenna’s Crock Pot Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup and it was amazing. It filled my crock pot to the very top and now I have so much left over in the freezer which is always such a bonus, easy dinner.

Short Hair Dont Care: I chopped my hair off at my hair appointment this week and I am loving it! I’m even wishing I went even shorter. I wish I had a picture of the side because its shorter in the back and comes down at an angle toward the front. My hair feels so much healthier and the purplish glaze I got was what I needed to change things up. I’ve basically spent two years with the same ratty long, blah hair that I always end up tying in a bun on top of my head and I’m over it. The reset is hereee.


YouTube Fave: I stumbled across an awesome Youtube Channel this week and I am addicted. Her name is Tara Henderson and she’s a SAHM who vlogs her life with a toddler and infant. For me, totally relatable. She keeps it real, too. She’s super pretty and put together and her daughters are adorable but when shit gets real she doesn’t hesitate to show it. Like trying to get her two kids to go to bed one night without the help of her husband. Guys, this is so going to be my life in t-5 months. It’s good education. She also inspired me to get my ish together and wear some bb cream and concealer and do my brows to look a little less homeless when I leave the house a couple days this week.

This weekend should be pretty low key. Just a small playdate/get together with some friends from the moms group from when Jul was a newborn and mayybe I can get Jeff to start clearing out the office so I can start work on the new baby’s room. We have plenty of time technically, but when you think about how quickly the holidays come and go and how busy they get, it doesn’t leave us with quite so much.




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