News is In: We’re Having a…


We’re having another BOY!!!

We had our anatomy scan on Friday morning and the ultrasound tech had Jeff look away from the screen while she highlighted the boy parts for me. We knew we were going to be back up at the lake house the next day so Jeff decided he wanted to be surprised and do a gender reveal in front of the crowd up there.

Not long ago Jeff had seen a golfer post on facebook a reveal where the he hit a golfball and it exploded into colored dust to signify the gender. It seemed fun and different so earlier last week I ordered a pack of these gender reveal golf balls from Amazon. I didn’t read any reviews (smart) but they worked out awesome. They give you a pink and a blue ball marked with stickers and you just peel off the sticker before setting it on a tee and whacking it and surprising your group. Def recommend!


I am over the moon happy to have another baby boy on the way but I am a little shocked. I think because so many people told me they thought it’d be a girl because of how sick I was in the beginning and even my mom told me she believed it’d be a girl too I just had girl on the brain. To be honest, I am a little sad my mom was wrong because I kind of wanted to believe she had another wordly connection to the baby she’d never know otherwise. But I’m sure she’d be so happy to have another boy to love and spoil like she did for Julian if she were still here.

But its all good. Deep down I kind of wanted a boy more (after a healthy baby of course) because I’ve already been there done that and raising a girl, though it’d be a blessing, kind of scares the crap out of me. I mean girls. Teenage girls. EEK.

A wise woman I knew once said she believes you “get what you need” in the child department and I’ve always thought it was true. Everything happens for a reason. And maybe I’ll still have a girl someday in some way? Omg let’s not talk about the potential for a 3rd baby though!

So now we just have to decide on names. And I can start figuring out what I need for the new baby’s room, what of Julian’s can move over and what I need to buy more of. I can’t picture Julian with a little brother right now for some reason but I think once he gets used to the idea it’s going to be great. Wrapping my mind around me successfully wrangling two little boys is still hard though!

That’s it for today, just stopping by to share the news.


Fam of 3 to become 4!!




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