True Life: I am a Naptime Psycho

Yup. I admit it now. My husband had stopped home for lunch today just as we were pulling in from a morning adventure to the zoo and he told me so. But I can admit it.

I explained to him how I sped home to do lunch and the nap routine singing and yelling his name and saying HI !!! at the top of my lungs just so Julian’s drowsy eyes wouldn’t shut. I threw snacks, food pouches and water back to him. He had two books. His giant Elmo and whale lovey. My EOS Chapstick. And when all that failed, I handed him my iPhone which I NEVER let him touch. Then my whole wallet as he enjoys taking my cards out of their slots and playing with them.

We BARELY made it home. But we made it. I could breathe again.

Of course then I panic because I am running the risk of him being overtired and not sleeping because of that. I made him a super fast lunch and cleaned up. By the time I made it to the living room he was energetically playing and it was a battle to get him upstairs. A battle not helped by my Youtube on the TV breaking and us not being able to watch a couple videos like we always do before nap or bed. Kid knows his routine and was not happy about this.

I finally got him somewhat settled and into the crib and no sooner do I get downstairs but I hear a loud ass crow cawing away outside. Like, are you kidding me. Most of the time I get him down and one of the neighbors starts sawing away on something, mowing their lawn, who knows. Or maybe my ears are extra sensitive because I’m just looking for something to ruin his nap. Either way.

Julian is quiet now, almost 20 mins so I think its safe to say he’s napping. Thank you lord Jesus. Do I need this nap as much as he does? Yes. I need a break. My brain needs a break. Its been a while since I’ve napped when he did but I still treasure this moment of peace and quiet. It makes my entire day. It gives me the strength to make it to bedtime, or at least dinner time.

And since he just figured out how to nap peacefully in his crib about 4 months ago you better believe I am soaking this up for all its worth. I have about 5 more months before I have no more chill time and I’m going nonstop around the clock with a newborn and a toddler so yep, I’m pretty much going to stay a nap psycho as long as possible.

Namaste 🙂




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