Summer Vaca 2017

It’s Monday and we’re getting back into the swing of things over here. Holla for the long weekend coming up!

Jeff was off work all last week and we enjoyed a few sunny and relaxing days with our families at his parents’ lake house in NH, a day trip to Kittery and hanging at home. Surprisingly, I’m not depressed for our vacation to be over. I’m actually happy to be back in my Monday routine of hanging with Julian, cleaning the house and relaxing during naptime. Perk of SAHM life right there.


My bugs about 2 minutes from falling asleep on the boat on Monday.


Has anyone seen these new hard to find Polar flavors on Instagram? I was pumped to find these at the Hannaford in Northwood, NH. Unicorn kisses was interesting. Melon-y and maybe mango-y? Hey, I can’t drink right now so flavored seltzers is about as fun as it gets for me these days.


Jeff on his first day wake surfing off the back of the boat. 


My little manny chillaxin with some water and goldfish after an awesome 2 hr nap. Laid back.


My two guys at a late lunch at Robert’s in Kittery. It was a long day of car riding and shopping but Jul did great until he timed out on the way home. Stressful, but also pretty also understandable.

Later this week we have our anatomy scan and get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl! Too bad it’s not til Friday morning! I’m anxious to know hopefully the baby looks normal and healthy and also excited to know the gender since so many people think it’s going to be a girl. I still vote boy.

Have a good week!

Xoxo Liz


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