16 Week Pregnancy Update

Happy Monday! It’s a busy one here. I’ve been catching up on cleaning and laundry all day.

I don’t plan on doing pregnancy updates every week cuz, let’s be honest, I can barely get myself on here that often regularly. But I thought it’d be fun to post an update since I think the last one I did was my pregnancy announcement. I’ll be back to post anything else interesting that comes up and maybe in another month I’ll post another update if I feel like theres enough noteworthy things to talk about.

And, we will be finding out the gender of the baby as soon as we can and I will be sharing once we get the word out to family and friends. I think my dr. office usually does anatomy scans between 18-20 weeks, so it’ll be soon. I don’t care boy or girl although I feel like a boy would be easier (we have all the stuff). I’m just really just hoping for a healthy, happy baby and a decent (because none are “fun”) delivery experience.

No names picked out yet. I feel like names are soo hard. Everything I like is already wayyy popular and I cannot bring myself to name a baby something that makes him or her one of 4 or 5 others in their class at school.

Let’s jump in!

How far along? 16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss? At my primary care appointment this past week I was weighing in at 128lbs. Up 5lbs from my last weigh in about a month ago, I wanna say? I remember when I was first weighed this pregnancy at my 8 week appointment I laughed when I saw I was finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight from Julian (thanks to being so sick 24/7). Just in time to gain it all back for pregnancy #2! Yay!

Maternity Clothes? Most of the time no but only because I wear pjs half the day and only change into stretchy yoga pants or exercise shorts later in the day so no real need yet. Thank you, SAHM life. I did buy a simple grey maternity tank dress and maternity jean shorts (unavailable now 😦 ) from H&M a few weeks ago though for when I do need real clothes. I’m still fitting into my looser jeans no problem, too.

With Julian my body grew much slower, I was able to squeeze myself into most of my regular clothes almost until 6-7 months and I lived in maxi dresses all summer. I was working full time so I was wearing real clothes. Granted it wasn’t the most comfortable thing at times, but it worked for a while. I don’t know why I was so against buying maternity clothes but once I made the switch I was like why did I wait?! I promised if I got pregnant again I wouldn’t hold back. I’m getting excited to add some cute fall/winter clothes in a few months.

Left: almost 14 weeks pregnant with this one. Right: 17 weeks pregnant with Julian. UM, Yikes.

Stretch marks? Nothing new. I wound up with one on my belly near the top of my old piercing while pregnant with Julian and quite a few on my inner thighs which are all still there. But nothing new yet. Please coconut oil save me again!

Sleep? Better. I’ve been napping less during the day and doing more walking which I think is helpful. It was pretty bad around 8-13 weeks.

Best moment? Nothing specific to the pregnancy but probably Saturday morning when Jeff, Julian and I went to Newburyport. The weather was dry and breezy, we walked the boardwalk and saw all the boats/yachts, got lunch and it was a great day.

Miss anything? My morning black coffee for sure. I did have a small hazelnut iced coffee on Sunday and enjoyed it but for the most part the taste and smell just turns me off, still. No matter how hard I try tea just does not do it for me and I really miss that warm cup of motivation to get me going in the mornings. It was right around this time last pregnancy I rekindled my love for coffee so maybe I am working my way back? But I do kinda like being totally substance free, so IDK.

Also missing red wine. I had a tiny sip of my best friend’s pinot noir the other night fully expecting to be like “Nah, this ain’t for me” but I was surprised to find it tasted great. Again though I do enjoy the detox pregnancy brings so while I miss it, its not something I regularly think about.

Movement? No. I could have sworn at 12 weeks I really felt the baby move but I know that’s soo early. But I’ve also been pregnant before and I know what it feels like and I can assure you it was not gas or an upset stomach or whatever else. Nonetheless I haven’t felt anything since then. I’m pretty sure I didn’t feel anything with Julian until I was 17-19 weeks?

Craving? LEMONADE. I lovee me some lemonade these days. Dill pickles (basic), anything tangy I’m loving. I got this fresh salsa that had a delicious blend of vinegars and I cannot get enough of that with blue corn chips. Also blue corn chips and hummus is another snack I love. Cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese. Surprisingly NOT ice cream, chocolate, cookies, brownies, or other baked goods like I would normally gravitate toward. Who am I?

Anything making you sick or queasy? Surprisingly no! This is HUGE. I spent the first 3 months hardly able to drink anything besides gatorade or eat anything besides saltines. I still am very picky about when I feel like eating certain foods but the fact that I am starting to cook again and getting excited about meal planning is such a huge win. I still have my nauseous days but I do feel like I am leaving those behind.

Labor signs? No, that would be no bueno.

Bellybutton status? Innie. For now.

Wedding ring status? On.

Looking forward to? Cooler weather, fall, more crockpot meals, cozy sweaters, and oddly for me football games. I’d also like to sign up for prenatal yoga but its hard to make it out of the house for most classes because of Jeff’s work schedule.

Xoxo Liz


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