The Stomach Bug

So it hasnt been a full 24 hours yet, but I am pretty sure I’ve survived my first stomach bug as a mom and not the child-patient.

OMG Gross, first of all.

I’ve always feared this. Of course you hate to get it, but thinking about dealing with it as a mom AKA other people’s puke?? Please no.

It all happened so quickly though. I had taken Julian over my in laws to celebrate Jeff’s grandma’s birthday and as soon as we got there he started acting off. He was being super shy and not crazy excited to play with his cousins like he usually is. I just figured he was being shy because there was a lot of other family there we don’t see too often.

We were only there 45 minutes when Jeff’s dad came over to me with Julian in his arms and told me he felt warm. I put my hand on his back and he was Sizzling hot. I quickly took his temp there and it was 102.7 which is the highest he’s ever been, so I swooped him up and took him home.

He was not looking good and crying when we got home, a sick and painful cry. I was rushing around to get my own thermometer and the motrin and right as I sat him on the couch to dole everything out he just vomited everywhere. All over him, the couch, me. Poor poor guy had no idea what was happening. I had no clue what to do, I ran and got paper towels cuz at first it didn’t seem like THAT much but that was futile. It was over in about a minute and once he seemed over that round I swept him upstairs to the tub and figured he could puke there and if not I could at least get him cleaned up. Ugh.

Once I got him situated wrapped in a towel and Elmo on TV I turned my attention to the couch cushions that fell victim to vomit. How the hell do you even clean these? After googling my question I sopped as much as I could up and dumped baking soda all over the areas affected and just let it sit overnight. Miraculously this morning they don’t smell and haven’t been stained that I can tell. I’ll probably still grab some resolve from the store and use that for good measure too.

As far as Julian goes I got him down around 730 cuz he was still just so miserable my poor man. I had to go back in there once to settle him after that but he didn’t get sick the rest of the night. He was up and restless on and off til about 3 and then quieted and slept til 830.

This morning he seemed good. Fever was down to 99.0 (and I never ended up giving him tylenol or anything). He kept down the water crackers and fruit I gave him throughout the morning. Now he’s down for another rest which is his normal nap time so I’m hoping he wakes up good go again.

I felt so bad for Julian. Also, of course Jeff was away for work so it was my already nauseous self having to deal with all this. Of course, I mean why not?! And on top of that I almost picked up the phone to call my mom and ask her what to do about my sick baby and the couch and then I remembered. I mean, duh but it was reflexive. I always called her when Julian was sick or I wasn’t sure if he was sick and she would tell me what to do.

But we all survived and it really wasn’t as bad as it could have been since he only got sick once (thank you Lord!). And he’s made such a quick recovery it would seem. Definitely the last thing I needed with all the nausea I’ve been trying to stave off the past weeks though.


(Julian this morning, munching saltines and some water, looking a lot better than last night)


xoxo Liz


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