Gym Win

Hi! How’s it going on this Tuesday? Victory today over here. I got up after my husband so nicely woke up with Julian for the 4th day in a row and I brushed my teeth (didn’t vom). I’ve been sleeping horribly lately so even an extra 20-30 mins in the morning is nice to have.

Then I choked down some water and ate a piece of banana bread that I made yesterday (also a win for the kitchen). I smeared it with almond butter and chased it with some of Julian’s whole milk. I actually didn’t feel like I needed to sit down for an hour after getting Julian and myself fed like I recently have, and I knew Julian has been getting so bored with being holed up in the house with me, so I got us cleaned up and dressed and we headed off to the gym.

I figured even if I just crawled on the treadmill at snail pace it’d be better than being a slug on my living room floor, plus then Jul could burn off some energy and play with the other kids at playcare. I’m also suspecting part of my horrible sleeping is because I do so little during the day I’m just not that tired come night time. Hopefully getting some exercise will help.

I dropped Jul off and after saying hi to the girls in playcare I hit the treadmill and ended up doing 2 miles – 1 walked and 1 of which I jogged the whole mile! And it honestly felt great or I wouldn’t have done it. I needed it. I was on such a strong workout kick before getting pregnant and the last 8 weeks have just been down the drain. I’m so surprised I didn’t mind running because I ran once when I was around 7-8 weeks pregnant with Julian and it just felt…yuck. I was sucking air, my heart was thumping and my body was soo tired so I said no thanks for the rest of pregnancy. I have no idea if I’ll run again this pregnancy but its nice that it felt good today.

So yeah, now Julian’s down for a nap and here I am. I have to say, and I’m probably going to jinx it because as soon as I write anything positive about his sleep here it turns around to bite me, but thankfully, thank you lord Jesus, since I got pregnant and started feeling like hell his naps have become longer and more consistent than ever before. He’s *usually* good for an hour these days and if I’m lucky he’ll sometimes crash for 2 hours. In his bed. Its an amazing break for me in the middle of the day and makes the rest of the day so much less overwhelming.

Not sure what’s up for the rest of the day but I’m off to enjoy the last bit of naptime then Jeff’s dad is coming over later to help him hang part of the stairs for our new deck. Hope you are having a good one.




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