Minor Snag

How’s the Tuesday going? Jul’s down for a nap and I’m looking up some good songs to make a power yoga playlist with. I’m subbing a class in a couple weeks and so excited to switch things up to a power flow but I need to get on my music! Music is like 50% the best part of yoga for me. Truth. It sets the whole vibe for class.

So I’m laughing right now because after posting about my 30 day challenge to eat-in last week we totally ordered pizzas Sunday night. But in our defense, this was happening:

We painted the lower level of our entry way a few years ago but left the higher parts and upstairs hall for a later day. Well, 4 years later it was really bugging us and we set a date for this weekend to get it done. I kept Julian out of the way and occupied both days while Jeff and his dad worked away on the walls. Amazingly, it all was finished by the end of the day Sunday! It looks great and settles our house so much more.

Anyway, I had been out of the house most of the weekend and super tired from chasing around Julian that our best idea was to grab Jeff’s mom and have me go pick up some pizzas for an easy dinner and treat to Jeff’s parents. I don’t regret it one bit, either.

This week the goal is to be back on track, though. I made a sheet pan dinner of chicken thighs and mixed veggies with side salads last night. That was almost another fail because I just did not feel like cooking, but I sucked it up and got it together. Glad I did, too!

Ok I’m off to maximize the rest of my nap time!

Xoxo Liz



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