Favorite (At Home) Workouts

Hi! Holy Snow outside. The much anticipated Nor’Easter has arrived in MA and pretty much everyone I know is tucked in at home for a snow day. The storm just picked up around my parts and it’s intense.

Today I wanted to share some of the at home workouts I’ve been doing the past couple months. In February, I made a conscious effort to kick things up a notch on my exercise game. I’ve had off weeks, like when Julian was sick, but for the most part I’ve been pretty consistent making sure I do something at least 3 times a week. Now to be honest, I kind of cheat and have been counting the classes I teach as (low) levels of exercise, but I AM still moving when I probably wouldn’t otherwise be.

So I took my teaching yoga twice a week (60 minute classes) and my 25 min abs blast class and built from there. In the summer and fall, I mostly took Julian for a run with my jogging stroller and man –  not only was that cardio but talk about a strength workout too, pushing that huge stroller along with my 20lb son! It had to easily be an extra 40lbs I was pushing as I ran.

However, since its winter in New England, youtube-ing (totally a verb) free workouts has been my key for squeezing in a quick 30 minute workout session, not having to leave the house. It’s not ideal, but I manage to do most of these even while Julian’s awake and playing alongside me. You know, since he hates napping.

Here are my top favorites!

Super Sweaty Kick Ass Workout

Kickboxing – my first fitness love. A few years back, I took a 45 min cardio kickboxing class once a week and I cannot say enough what it did for my fitness level. I was really just getting into shape back then but I was sore for DAYS after every class. I loved the strong and intense moves and I’ve been trying to find a way to get back into a similar class for years. This brings me right back. The only drawback with this one is that its 45 mins which is a little long for me to try and do with Julian playing around me – but I did this a lot back when he was napping a little more regularly and still turn to it if I have the time.

OUCH I’m So Weak

I love so many POPSugar workouts! This particular one I do for strength training and let me tell you – its a newer one for me and my just muscles scream! I would compare this to a mix of pilates and barre with some cardio thrown in there. I’m pretty good when it comes to cardio endurance but the majority of this workout uses small, isolated movements that do an awesome job killing your arms, legs and abs.

<strong>The Quickie but Effective Mom Workout</strong>

I love following younger-ish celeb moms on social media. It’s a guilty pleasure but its also a motivator because you know these girls are making fitness a priority but they’re also moms and they talk about how its not always easy. Um, AMEN. Jessie James Decker and Snooki aka Nicole- are two of my faves for this. I ran across this JJD quickie workout and while the base of it is 10 mins, you can repeat it one or two more times (I usually do two) and you’ve got yourself a sweaty blast of cardio in very little time. I probably do this once a week while Julian plays with toys around me and its the perfect time length before he starts to lose it.

I try to do a video like one of these 1-2 times a week, teach my classes, then either hit up a spin class or go for a run. I wish it was more, but if I do all these things in one week I feel pretty good and I’m happy with that.

<em><strong>Have you already tried any of these workouts? Do you have any go-to online videos</strong></em><em><strong> you like? </strong></em>

Let me know, I love to find new fun ones.

Xoxo Liz


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