Sleeping In Weird Places

Hey hey! How’s your Monday? We spent most of early last week up the mountains in NH and it was a blast. A much needed change of scenery and some good family time. 

Today were getting back to the swing of things after a very low key weekend. 

We’re expecting a blizzard starting tomorrow so I wanted to run some errands today so we could relax and cozy up tomorrow. A trip to the grocery store this morning wound up like this:

Like, I can’t even? He doesn’t even sleep in his crib for naps most of the time but he’ll sleep in the insane chaos of pre-storm Market Basket?? He slept right through check out and woke up as I was putting him in his carseat. Shaking my head! 

The rest of the day will probably include some playing, maybe a quick strength workout for me, and another nap for Jules. We’re still fighting a nasty cough over here so I’m planning to make some lemon chicken soup for dinner. 

I have a couple posts in the works I’d like to get up in the next week or so – one recaps some of the at home workouts I’ve been doing. So stayed tuned for those. 

Good luck to anyone already dealing with this winter storm and those who are still waiting for it to hit. Can winter be done after this? I like the snow but I am more than ready for sun spring and walks outside. 

Have a great day! 

Xoxo Liz

What’s the weirdest place your child has napped or you saw someone sleeping?


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