Friday Faves 2

Hi and happy FRIDAY. I just got in from the gym – made it to spin class this morning by the skin of my teeth, even though Julian fell asleep for 5 mins on the way there. I woke him up, dropped him into playcare and did my thang and it felt good! And I’m currently enjoying some coffee, an Rx bar (life changing) and a Siggis plain yogurt.

So this Friday Fave will be a quickie but I am soo excited for the fact that there is a HEALTHY food option within 15 minutes of where I live.

We moved about 5 years ago well north of Boston to a small town. We love our house but, especially since I’ve been staying home with Julian, I’ve been really frustrated at the fact its a 20-30 minute drive to any stores I enjoy frequenting or hubs for appointments, etc. I know it may not seem like a lot but I grew up with things much closer and I’ve felt remote enough as a new mom.

Anyway, Jeff had the day off on Monday and I thought I had heard of a place a few towns over where one could get a fresh green juice since I am still on my kick. I googled it and to my surprise I found a place a lot closer. We went to check it out and it. was. everything. It’s called the Lemon Tree and they have everything from coffee to fresh pressed juices and smoothies to vegan and gluten free treats. They also have a few kombucha flavors on tap.

In. Love.

Our area so needed this! And I love that I don’t have drag Julian out 30 minutes to the closest Whole Foods just for a drink. Also I found their prices to be a little better too.

Yay for the world slowly getting on board the healthy train!

We’re supposed to be getting MORE snow overnight and then some more on Sunday night. Winter is here, indeed, even though it took some time. I’m teaching yoga tomorrow morning then Sunday my mom and I are going to see Cabaret. Should be good.

What are you up to this weekend? Anyone else struggle with finding healthy food option close to where they live?

xoxo Liz


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