Julian Arthur 14 months

Morning! Or actually, good afternoon now. Jules is down for a nap (yay!). We went over a friends house for a playdate this morning and the poor guy was having a rough time. He’s officially got his molars coming in as well as a few bottom teeth in the front and I can just tell his mouth is killing him. He was up a lot last night and even though he slept til 730 he was laying around on the floor all morning and acting unusually needy and clingy. I gave him some Tylenol and he went down for his nap pretty easily. I’m hoping he gets a good rest and feels better. Later we’re off to my parents’ house for dinner.

So guys, I feel like a semi-bad mom.

I never started a baby book for Julian and never did anything to record his milestones. I meant to but as we all know, the first months of his life I was literally just trying to survive every hour of the day between his constant crying and screaming/acid reflux (same thing?) and non sleeping.

The other morning I opened my eyes after a rough night of barely sleeping and realized I can’t keep letting all the good moments pass me by because I’m so overwhelmed with the hard parts. I quickly pulled out my phone and plugged in a few notes with his milestones so far. So since this blog is basically a journal of my life I’m sharing what I wrote down and more here today.


At 14 months Julian can say:






What’s that (or something that sounds really close and I just pretend this is what hes saying)

Uh! (as in Uh Oh, when he drops something)

Sings the “clean up song” (he says eenup, eenup in the right melody)

Says OOH! Anytime he sees something he likes.

*Updated to add he still sometimes says these words but the past week, almost everything has been DADA.


Julian can:

Clap his hands

Do Touchdown

Gives high Fives

Goes over to his chair when he’s hungry

Points to the roll of paper towels when he’s done eating to signal me to clean up his hands and face

Gives his family, babies and other kids kisses and hugs (very affectionate)

Starting to sign for “more”

Wave byebye



His Whale (lovey blanket)


Music (“under the sea”, anything by The Clash?, Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Soft pillows and blankets (throws his body on them)

Chasing our cat Leon around the house

Running and yelling around the house at the same time

Taking his shoes and socks off in the car


Not a fan of:

Having water poured over his head during bath time

Diaper changes

Being told no (pout face, cries, yells, ignores us and does it anyway)

Having his hands and face wiped clean (even though he does ask for it to show us he’s done eating)

Going inside from playing outside

Being in his carseat


Favorite Foods (Anything pretty much, he is a great eater, but especially loves)

Chunks of honeydew melon, cantaloupe, pineapple


Bananas and apple slices

Food pouches of any kind EXCEPT Ella’s vegetable bake

Chicken pieces

Happy Baby Crackers (gets so excited)

Milk from a straw cup


Peanut/Almond butter toast

Pita and hummus

Many cheeses (sharp cheddar, mozzarella, American, Provolone, not really swiss)



Juj (mostly this lately)



Manny (more when he was a tiny baby, came from calling him little man)


Moo or Moos (no idea)


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