Checking Back

Guys. I don’t even want to write this right now. I’ve been MIA for a while and its literally because every time I sit down to write during Julian’s nap it’s an automatic jinx that he’ll wake up in about 5 minutes.

He’s been down for about 45ish minutes which sometimes means if he’s made it this far he’ll take a good 1.5-2 hr nap. But sometimes no. So idk, but I miss it here, so I’m taking the chance.

I have like 2 posts almost ready to go in the works that I’ll try to post soon. One is real talk about my experience as a mom so far.The other is a 14 month update on Julian, which I’ll prob get around to posting when he’s, you know, 15 months maybe. *eyeroll*

So it’s Feb 1st today. I have no idea how it’s already February but January flew by for me and it’s usually one of the months that takes the longest, in my opinion. Jan and March are usually like, foreverrrr.

But things have been good. Jeff’s traveled a bunch for work during the week and Juj and I have eeked by, doing our own random things to fill the days.

One interesting thing, I’ve drank either a green juice or Amazing Grass (a wheatgrass/greens/herbs/vitamin drink powder, read more about it here) almost every day for 2 weeks, since the start of my last cycle (sorry, TMI) and my skin is doing SO much better! I’ve struggled with bad hormonal acne ever since Julian turned about 5-6 months old. I’m sure being so tired, stressed, no time to eat properly while juggling a baby, and breastfeeding making me crave carbs and sugar did not help anything, but my whole cycle’s been a disaster since having Jules.

I’ve seriously had enough so I was hoping the power of green drinks along along with being more mindful at reducing dairy and gluten would help me out and so far so good! We’ll see in a few weeks when I’m on the other side of ovulation (if that’s even happening for me these days) if the better skin remains or not. I’ve always suspected I have a little PCOS going on because of my bad hormonal acne and how everything seems to shape up when I’m eating better and exercising regularly. I’m so ready to get back on track.

Speaking of exercise, I’ve stayed pretty consistent, the last couple weeks especially. Last week was awesome, I was able to do something, whether it be teaching or working out, 5 out of 7 days. I went for a good run one day and took an amazingly sweaty spin class later in the week, among other smaller workouts and my regular teaching.

Of course, once I hit my stride something ALWAYS happens to knock me back. This week my poor baby was sick with a fever. It happened Monday after we got home from grocery shopping, lasted all day yesterday, but luckily he woke up today with a normal temp. We visited the doctor yesterday to rule out ear, lung, throat infections and were sent home with just a little virus as a diagnosis and to wait and see if it gets worse. So my poor bug, our plans for yesterday were scrapped and he surprised me by taking a 3.5 hr nap! Since I wasn’t sure how he’d be doing today, I found coverage for my classes at the gym this morning.

I did manage to get in a 30 min workout in the morning Sunday and a 75 minute vinyasa flow later that night. Yesterday I put on a 30 minute Youtube cardio and pilates video but it wasnt a strong workout by any means with Julian not feeling good and needing a lot of attention. I tried. Today I’m just like, meh. But I did shovel the few inches of light snow on driveway this am so I guess that counts for something.

Ok I feel like this was a super boring post so apologies if you fell asleep on your computer. But hey, this is my life. Mom life for the win. I’ll see ya back in a few days!

Xoxo, Liz


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