Thinking Out Loud 3

Its the afternoon friends and my guy is napping like a boss so I wanted to check in for Thinking out Loud with Amanda! Thanks for hosting!


We just got home from hanging out with our friends who live down the street. It was good to catch up with them now that things have calmed down after the holidays. We met them at our music class over the fall and it was such a coincidence to learn we lived so close. I’m feeling thankful for mom friends and for easy friendships today.

So it’s settled. I am not going back to work after all. I heard from my old boss last week and its not going to work out right now. Part of me is bummed out because I think I do well having some professional purpose to my life but the other part of me is like, “Everything happens for a reason.” If it was meant to be it woulda worked out and I think I should take this as a sign that I should just continue enjoying my time with Julian, focus on getting my life back a bit and teaching yoga. I am so lucky I get to stay home with him, even if there are days that are torturous and I feel the need to escape back to work.

Tomorrow Julian and I have our first mom and toddler yoga class! Yoga is so close to my heart and I know this is going to be super interesting but I am excited to get him in a yoga studio with me. He is very much a “do whatever I want” type of guy and I can just see him running wild all over the place and not staying close by me. I took my prenatal yoga classes at this studio so I know the girl teaching the class and I think its going to be really fun.

I am so happy I blitz cleaned the downstairs this morning before our playdate so I can relax a bit while Julian rests upstairs. Off to go watch snapchat and, lets face it, prob go do some laundry after that because it is never ending.

Xoxo Liz


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