Hashtag forgetweaning

Let me just start out by saying that I don’t even care if I have nurse Julian to sleep 3 times a day until he’s 3, if that’s what makes him sleep I will do anything. hashtag forgetweaning.

Today was the first time in over a week I was able to get him to nap in his crib, in his room. Lately he’s been wanting to nurse from me and then be rocked on my shoulder to sleep but then as soon as I put him into his crib he immediately wakes up and starts screaming, just so angry. Needless to say nap time is over at that point. In fact, yesterday I sat with him in the arm chair with him on my shoulder for 30 minutes so he would take a quick recharge. I tired putting him down 3 times and was met with angry screaming each time.

And before you say anything, cry it out for naps does not work, he literally will cry for over an hour hysterically and I just can’t with that. Im a sucker, whatever.

But its ok. He is sleeping now and I have some time to write AKA ME TIME. Yayy!! First time in what feels like forever!

We’ve had some snow over the past week and luckily Julian’s snowsuit arrived just in time so we could get outside and he could really experience snow for the first time (thanks to his Nana!). He loved it. He kept looking around saying, “Ooh! Ooh!”, dancing in the snow with his boots, and when he fell over into a pile of snow he thought it was so funny.


And I cannot get over his cuteness in the snowsuit. OMG. My little bug.

As far as my 2017 goals go, I have to admit I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times. Last week was so stressful with no napping at home, car ride naps only and a crazy-grumpy toddler that I fully enjoyed a glass or two of wine and sunday night I may have hit the peanut m&ms hard. The only regret I have are those m&ms because honestly, if I am going to fall off I wish it was on something better. The wine though, def not sorry. 🙂

Yesterday I took Julian to the gym with me in the morning, dropped him off in playcare and did an awesome 2 mile run on the treadmill. Its been so long since I’ve run (November, maybe?) and it felt good to be back but so much better because I tried out the Spotify tempo matched running playlist and it was all the motivation I needed. I also love how the songs fade into each other so you never have that few second silence between songs that can sometimes break your motivation to keep up with the pace. Totally loved it and can’t wait to do it again.

After attending two yoga classes for myself last week I definitely found my teaching improved. So far I haven’t been to one this week and unless I find one tonight I’m not sure I will make it the rest of the week, unfortunately. But I definitely want to keep making an effort to go because not only is it so beneficial for me, but it’s almost like an investment in my teaching because I find so much inspiration and learn from taking other people’s classes.

On the agenda today I think is some grocery shopping. I gotta pick up some milk for Jules. I’ve found he is starting to really like milk, especially when he can drink out of a straw cup (the faster the flow the better for him). The only draw back is I am suspecting its making him super gassy which is making me a little wary. But I guess we’ll see.

This is where I start to loathe the winter and wish for warmer temperatures. It’s been too cold to go out for very long and I miss the walks I would take Julian on over the summer and fall afternoons. Fresh air, new scenery and it kills a little time before the dad gets home from work.

Have a great day!

Xoxo Liz


5 thoughts on “Hashtag forgetweaning

  1. Your little fellow sounds just like what I went through with my first. Don’t be too hard on yourself, some little ones are though to get down. I found out getting a mat and sleeping next to him (even getting in the crib sometimes) until he was snoozing, to be the best. Now he’s three and we have progressed to one story and he falls asleep alone. So much is temporary and I remember being in your shoes. You are a fantastic mama and doing great so you need that nap time for yourself, too! 🙂 Such a cute little guy he is!!!


  2. Emma is so much like him- it’s crazy! We are still on team couch nap over here because if I lay her in her bed, she will not give in. She will scream, cry, go hysterical and time has no limits with her anger!


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