Hello, 2017

Morning and Happy Wednesday! I just got home from the gym and delivered Julian upstairs to his room to finish napping. In his carseat, obv.



Cinnamon Sticky Bun iced coffee (black) I grabbed on the way home from the gym from Ultimate Perk. Once I had us in the house I made myself breakfast. Plain Chobani 0%, melons and granola.

So far 2017 is off to a good start (minus this head cold I have).


I can’t think of a better way to kick off new years than home in my pjs with some Barefoot Bubbly and snacks. In fact, for the second year in a row I totally missed midnight and I’m honestly not mad about it. Sleep is so much more important to me these days <— grandma.

The best thing about closing out 2016 early was being up early to make it out to breakfast with the fam.

Excuse my hideous sans makeup self. It’s how I roll on weekends. Who am I kidding its just how I roll err day. Also? So. Pale.

Ok, moving on.

On Monday Julian and I got together with some of the girls from Moms Group for the morning at one of our houses. The moms enjoyed brunch and mimosas and the babies got to roam around and play together. The kids are all within a few months of each other and they are all walking now. It’s so amazing to think that a year ago we were all deep in the trenches of new mom and newborn life, feeling so far from this moment. As always, whenever I leave one of our meet ups I leave feeling so much better about how I’m doing with Julian. These girls just get it, completely, and it feels so good to know we are all wondering and worrying about the exact same stuff. Cheers to feeling normal!

The rest of the day was low key, we hung out with Jeff and ordered salad and some chili from Bradford Tavern for dinner.

Physically I am feeling great coming into this new year. I’ve cut way back on portion sizes, sugar, carbs and dairy and stopped my nightly wine or beer. Julian’s also been doing better at night so I’m getting more sleep. Even though I have this stupid head cold, my energy is way up and I feel so much more focused and grounded during the day. Speaking of grounded, I took TWO yoga classes for myself in the past week which was so good for me.

I am hoping I can keep riding this wave of feeling good for as long as possible. Now that I know how good I feel I am way less inclined to fall off the wagon into a pile of cookies or bottle of vino for no reason. I’m not being super strict of course, like I still enjoyed that mimosa on Monday and I won’t shy away from that beer or wine if we are doing something on the weekends (it IS playoffs for the Patriots, you know). But I am done packing on endless calories, especially late at night. My focus is on eating regular, healthy meals throughout the day (so I dont have that urge to eat the entire house at 9pm) and getting back into the swing of things with running and moving throughout the week.

2016 was a stressful, rather unhappy year with a colicky newborn who hates sleeping so I am doing all I can to make 2017 be so much better and more enjoyable. I know I can’t control everything but I definitely want to be on top of anything that I can do something about.

Xoxo Liz




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