Emerging from the Happiest Holidays

Hi there! Pardon the silence here the past few days. I was immersing myself in the joyful chaos of Christmas celebrations then Jeff, Julian and I took off to the mountains of North Conway for a couple days.

Our Christmas Eve-Eve – Christmas Days were busy as ever, filled with family, friends, great food and so much love and warmth.img_0112

Christmas Card 2016


Christmas morning after brunch at our house. Working his way through gifts, Happy Baby surfboard crackers in hand.


The cutest little mini Santa with his beloved whale blanket.

The day after Christmas we packed up, dropped our cat Lee off at Jeff’s parents’ house and headed up to North Conway, NH for a quick getaway. My parents had gifted us a stay at the White Mountain Hotel a few years back and we just now were able to take advantage of it. We’ve gone up there a few times a year since we first met, between New Years trips with friends and my parents renting their own places. We loved skiing, hiking, hitting up the outlets and poking into shops and getting coffee downtown.

This trip, skiing was clearly out of our league with Julian but it was so nice to be up there in the fresh mountain air, do a little outlet shopping, and drive around someplace different for Julian’s nap rides. The change of scenery alone was so needed for all of us, I think. It was a great change of pace and we left feeling empowered that we can still enjoy little getaways with our super active 1 year old, modified of course. I can’t wait to try him on skis in the next few years.


Breakfast in the dining room of the hotel. This picture doesn’t do it justice but it was a gorgeous, panoramic view of the white mountains. 

We headed home today and the rest of the day was filled with laundry, cleaning and food shopping. I was sad to come home but it feels good to be organized and ready for the rest of the week, only we still get to enjoy a few more days of having Jeff home with us for vacation.

I’m hoping to enjoy a few hours to myself one day sans the boys to do some shopping because lord knows my wardrobe still needs a reset. I’m also hoping to squeeze in a run or quick workout and looking forward to getting some greens back in my system after enjoying my fair share of naughty foods this season and the past few days, for sure.

Xoxo Liz


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