Gym Fail

Happy Friday!

So far its 10am, Julian’s been sleeping for about an hour. I attempted to get us up, fed and out of the house so I could go run my ass out on the treadmill at the gym (thanks for nothing, Heavnly Donuts) and Julian fell asleep literally 5 minutes down the road in his carseat.

Whereas yesterday he flat out refused his morning nap around 1030 (3.5 hours after he woke up) and instead slept from 12-3. In his carseat. Goddammit! Will he ever love his crib?

Between 2 and 1 naps a day, indeed.

But its Friday! So that’s a plus. Its also -76 outside. Not really, but its currently 7 degrees. How i miss the days I could pack Julian into the jogging stroller and bang out a quick run. Not today, my friends. Not today.

I should get up and go do some kickboxing on youtube.

By the way, the other day I tried out this cute workout from Jessie James Decker’s youtube channel and it was a good one! Quick and effective, I totally recommend it. I follow her on Insta and Snapchat she’s one of my mom inspirations. Mom inspiration = someone I love to follow on social media because they keep it real when it comes to mom life. And anyone who makes me feel normal, I appreciate.

Not too much on the schedule for today other than hoping to finish off my playcare teacher gifts and wrap my baby nephew’s 1 year old birthday gift. We’ll be heading over my sister in laws later to celebrate his birthday. How these boys are already 1 is beyond me. I love this age, can I freeze it?

Have a great Friday!





2 thoughts on “Gym Fail

  1. Gahh- the no napping stage, so mother effing frustrating! My now 2.5 year old went through that at about 1 and now she faithfully naps 3 hours every day. Just keep trying, it will get easier and more predictable with the naps!


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