Just Some Thoughts

Blah. Two late nights have caught up with me, it would seem. Totally worth it, don’t get me wrong. But I figured I’d pop in and say hi and spill forth a stream of consciousness. Call this thinking out loud Wednesday.

Last night I met up with some of the girls from the mom’s group I took Julian to over the past year for a mom’s only dinner. We all survived 1 year! The group was put on by our hospital and lead by a lactation consultant and RN. I am NOT the type to join groups but I frantically called the lactation nurses after bringing Julian home from the hospital with all these questions and they told me to just come to the new moms group and they would help me there. I was so skeptical but its one of the best things I did all year.

As new moms we’d sit around a circle, feeding our babies, asking the 5,000 questions we had that day or venting about some of the challenges brought on by having a newborn. Anything was on the table to be asked, free of judgement and each mom was super supportive of every other mom. Guys, they literally applauded me when I described the first week of doing cry it out with Julian. I told them I let my baby cry in his crib for hours because that’s what I believe he/we needed, even though I felt horrible about it, and they clapped for me. That support meant everything. I seriously could not have made it through the year without these ladies keeping me sane!

I didn’t get home that late, but I stayed up til almost midnight (again) talking with Jeff.

I’m currently sitting at my kitchen counter on my second cup of coffee. And second donut from Heavnly donuts. There is a Heavnly right across the street from the gym and I went there to grab a coffee and pick up a couple gift cards for the girls who watch Julian in playcare and I somehow left with a half dozen donuts as well. Why? Why.

They’re amazing in case you were wondering. My ass and gut says you’re welcome.


So I taught yoga and abs at the gym this morning, Julian’s napping in his carseat upstairs, and I am pretty thankful I don’t have anything else to be on my game for, for the rest of the day. And nothing to rush out of the house for tomorrow morning.

EXCEPT. I just remember I gotta take Julian in for his flu shot booster later this afternoon. Thank god I just remembered that! Well that should be fun for us.

Lastly, I received a Christmas gift from two of the ladies who come to both of my classes at the gym each week since I started there back in June. Totally unexpected and so sweet of them!


I got a little bit of Christmas shopping done yesterday, so I am making some progress over here. I’m off now to think of more ideas.

Have a good one!

Xoxo Liz


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