No Words

You guys…I have no words.

This morning started like any other, except maybe a bit more sleepy thanks to staying up wayy past my bedtime to watch the Pats last night.

We got up around 730, I nursed Julian in his room, we hung out, had breakfast, then I got us dressed to leave the house. I figured he’d do a later morning nap since he slept in and I could squeeze in bringing our recycling to the dump and maybe a trip to TJMaxx for some Christmas shopping.

I realized on the way home from the dump Jules was tired and I better bring him home and try to get him to nap in his crib.

So I stopped at the mailbox on the way into the driveway and grabbed our mail which came at 8:30 last night. I got us both into the house and started opening some of the Christmas cards that came and let Julian roam free, as I usually do. Luckily our house is pretty open floor plan wise so it doesn’t take much for me to still see him.

Then I notice the quiet, about 3-5 mins later. I look up to see where Julian is and see he’s sitting on the other side of the dining room table on the floor…playing…in something…


He’s playing in a huge pile of undigested cat puke. Sorry to be so gross, but it IS gross. I fly over to him, pick him up and its in his hands, on his shirt, now on my shirt. OMG SO GROSS. WHYYYY.

I’m freaking out, he has no idea what’s going on and the cat is nowhere to be seen. I smell his breath, it doesn’t smell like cat puke, but it does, but everything does to me right now so who knows if he ate it or not. I mean, literally everything goes in this kids mouth so why not chunks of cat puke that look like odd versions of puffs? I mean, why not.

I strip him down to his diaper, wash his hands and face and set out to clean up the mess, while simultaneously trying to keep Julian out of it. And I see his whale, his most beloved possession that he sleeps with and goes everywhere with him, his lovey, sitting right on top of the crumbs of cat vomit. Fucking great. He needs to nap and this already gross whale is in cat vomit.

I scoop it up and Julian starts freaking out needing his whale. It didn’t smell like cat vomit and there was nothing on it….so yeah I gave it to him. I’m such a great mom. It shoulda gone right into the washing machine but I had to finish cleaning this disaster out of our rugs and floor and once you tell Julian he can’t have something, well, thats ALL he wants so you know what. He got the whale. Whatever. I cleaned everything up and checked the rest of the house for more offenses and there was none. I called Jeff who has a tendency to react way worse to these things and he was empathetic.

So now Julian’s upstairs napping. With the whale. I’m finally eating breakfast and its noon. And I’m just waiting to see what happens next. Will Julian wake up vomiting from eating the cat puke? Or will my poor cat Leon get sick again and I’ll have to call the vet to make sure he doesn’t have crystals in his bladder which was the case last time he was getting sick.

Sigh. All I can say is thank GOD I am having dinner with the girls from my old mom’s group tonight. The timing couldn’t be better and I can tell them this story and there will be no judgement. I am pretty sure, at least!

So how’s your day? Really hoping its better than mine so far.

XoxO Liz


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