Weekend Fun 12/10

Gooood morning to ya. I have no idea how long I have to write this morning so I’m going to focus, fly through this and hope for the best.

First, I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was good. Busy. But good.

Unfortunately, Julian’s decided to go on a total sleep regression since Friday and it’s been rough. For him, for me, for Jeff. He’s been up for a few hours each night just inconsolably crying in his crib for reasons we can’t figure out. Not sick, no fever, no teeth that are obviously coming in. He hasn’t done this in months and I realized just how spoiled I’ve been since he started sleeping better. Naps also went out the window this weekend. He’s been pretty reliably taking 1 good nap during the day in his crib or at least in  his carseat in his room, mayyyybe two if I am lucky.


This weekend, he fought any nap we tried for and even in the car would only sleep through one sleep cycle, about 30-40 minutes, leading to a very overtired and unhappy boy. And a tired, unhappy mom and dad too. I just feel so bad for the little guy and I hate to know he’s uncomfortable and not getting the rest he needs and REALLY hate not knowing how to help him. Here’s hoping it was just a quick regression.

Back to the weekend. Friday night I dropped Julian off at Jeff’s work and went and got my hair done. I went for the “lob” (long bob) even though to me my hair feels UBER short. I hate it but I love it all at the same time. At least its SO much healthier now and so much more manageable than the frizzy, unruly mane I’ve been rocking for the past year. MUCH Needed.


Ignore the no make up and bad lighting but here’s the after pic.

Saturday morning I taught yoga and then we did a few things around the house before it was time for our friend of the family’s Christmas party. Here’s to winding up with the same yankee swap gift you brought and winning $20 on the scratch ticket in the gift!

Sunday morning I was up and out of the house early to meet my sister for a spa appointment where we had gift certificates from our mom – seriously look at me go getting my hair done and a facial all in one week. That’ll be it for me til June I am sure.

I was actually pretty scared going into this appointment as I’ve only had one facial before and it was just short of torturous and, of course, I was heading in there with a pretty decent breakout. I was fearing the lovely extractions but luckily the esthetician I had was wonderful and totally understood my skin type (aka you can’t pop the huge hormonal related acne bumps – thanks nursing). It was seriously the most relaxing time I’ve had in like, ever, and even though my skin is still a little wonky today, I can tell it already looks smoother and brighter thanks to the treatments.

The rest of the day was spent at my parents’ house with my family for some holiday downtime. We watched The Muppet Family Christmas (my family’s favorite christmas movie) ordered calzones and just hung out all afternoon, which was really nice. I love seeing Jules interact with the extended family, especially where on my side since he is the only grandchild so far. So fun.


My mom is so on her presents and wrapping game. How did I not inherit those genes?

Wow I can’t believe I made it through a whole post! (especially considering my neighbor is outside Julian’s window with the snowblower, scraping ice and slush off his driveway >:o .  We’re having friends over for a pre Holiday dinner tonight and although I was able to speed clean my downstairs before nap time this morning, I’ve still got to hit the grocery store when Julian wakes up and get our dinner together. Cooking for a couple of foodies is so intimidating!

Maybe I’ll go try and squeeze in a super quick workout before I jump in the shower. Lord knows I need it.

Hope you have a great day!

Xoxo Liz



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