Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Good Morning, Good Morning! Today I thought I’d join Amanda from Running with Spoons for her blog link up for Thinking Out Loud. Thanks Amanda!


1) The biggest thing on my mind right now is the voicemail I got from my former boss yesterday from the company I worked for right before I had Julian. We’ve stayed in touch here and there through the past year and we’ve thrown around ideas of me going back to work for him in some capacity, part time, flex, and/or a mix of both. Yesterday he called again really wanting to make something happen.

I’m excited because part of me really wouldn’t mind joining the outside world again, at least on a part time basis. Months and months ago when this first came up I was deep in the trenches with Julian at our roughest point, he was literally not sleeping more than 30 minutes, colic, reflux, everything. I jumped at the chance for a “break” by going to back work but when I sat down and researched childcare options, it just financially did not make sense thanks to daycare being as expensive as it is.

While I am sure this is still going to be the case, I find myself feeling a little torn about going back now. I just love him so much and while it can be so hard to be the only one taking care of him day in and day out, he’s my little sidekick! I am officially attached to him and the thought of even having someone come to the house and stay with him 20 hours a week makes me sad that I won’t be there to witness all his funny things and new developments.

But on the other hand I could probably benefit from getting out of the house and doing something different a few hours a week. A reason to get dressed in something other than workout clothes and leggings, put on some makeup and stop letting my appearance go to hell in a hand basket. Maybe the change of pace a few days a week will invigorate me and give me better energy to be a great mom for the times I am with Julian. Plus, SAHM life 24/7 is lonely.

But then its an office job. It’s not the most thrilling thing out there and in fact the exact thing I loathed and worked to get far away from by becoming a yoga instructor and SAHM. And what about all the work I’ve done to get to where I am with teaching yoga? Forget about adding any new classes. But then with no one to watch Jules I cant add anything new unless its at the gym anyway.

It’s a lot to think about.

2. ANYWAYSSS, let’s see, what else? I’ve made some small progress Christmas shopping this week but still have a lot to do. Luckily, I have ideas for some people on my list but it’s just getting the time to run all the errands without making Julian go completely over the edge getting hauled in and out of his carseat constantly. It’s also pretty hard to focus when he is with me so I’ve found I need to have a plan before going into stores. My days of casually perusing aisles of shops are in the past for now.

3. I really want to do some holiday Christmas cookie baking this year. I totally skipped last year since I had a very unhappy 6 week old on my hands. Like most thing in life these days convenience is key and I totally cheated by buying a few pre-made cookie mixes that I can add some final ingredients to and bake to save some time and effort. I know, I am cringing at myself for this too, but I checked the ingredient list and they don’t seem to have too many scary things going on. On the other hand,  I found this recipe for those cranberry bliss bars from Starbucks that I’m dying to make as well and there ain’t no box mix for that.

4. Jeff is home tonight from his work trip that took him away from us for the past few days and we can’t wait to have him back. Also, facetime is so key when he is away so he and Julian can still interact and see each other. I love when Julian leans in to try and kiss the phone, it literally is the cutest thing in life.

I am off to hopefully try and squeeze in a quickie workout before Jules gets up from his nap. Happy Thursday! Weekend is almost here!

Xoxo Liz



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