Tuesday Chat/Day in the Life

Well, hello! I am comin at ya tonight – finally – with a little chat and day in the life recap. I sat down this morning to write and about 20 minutes later Julian was fussing on the monitor so I was off to get him up. But first let’s back up. I thought it’d be fun to look back on what my days with Julian look like at different ages and stages and I got this idea from Tina at Carrots n Cake. Since I’m not into writing a journal anymore really, online blog it is for posterity!


I was awake so early this morning. So, so early, at 430 am. Jeff’s alarm went off and I usually barely hear it but this morning I was wide awake. Just as I was falling back to sleep an hour later I hear Julian crying on the monitor from his room. F. 540am. Too early for him to be up (given he went down at 8pm) yet I knew he probably wasn’t going to settle back to sleep either. I let him fuss around until 615 and went to get him up. He was a crank monster and by 730am I honestly felt like it should be noon. Self pity tears and coffee.

My bubs. Pretty true to how the day went, actually all of our days. My happy goofy boy next to my frustrated, cranky little man. He’s not a Gemini but you would think he is with those mood swings ❤ him all the same.

I got Julian back down around 950 after lots of playing, breakfast and me vacuuming the house while he tried to ride the cannister part of the vaccuum. As soon as I closed his bedroom door I turned on Youtube and did this cardio kickboxing video. Every bone in my body was screaming about how tired I was but I knew if I just got up and exercised a bit I’d feel at least a little better. 45 sweaty minutes later I was still tired but the endorphins were at least flowing so I wasn’t hating life quite as much. I chugged some water and sat down to blog and then Julian was awake before I knew it.

I got myself showered and us both dressed, gave Julian lunch (a jar of peas, asparagus and green beans along with some baked chicken from dinner the night before) then we were off to grandma and grandpas so grandpa could fix the nail in my tire. Prayer hands emoji to that! We hung out and played for a few then it was off to Danvers for Target and Trader Joes. Jules fell asleep on the way down and by the time I got to Liberty Tree Mall I was a starving beast. I grabbed a quick salad at Panera (online order ahead for the win) and sat in my car and ate it before taking my sleepy little boy into Target in his stroller so he could keep napping.

He was awake by the time we checked out and then I skipped over to TJs for a few essentials. Then it was home to unpack the car, play, have dinner, play more and bedtime.

Here’s a look at my TJs haul:


I love Trader Joes for staples, as you can see pictured, for example i grabbed both almond butter and peanut butter, a jar of simple marinara sauce and OF COURSE picked up my yearly batch of Candy Cane Mint Green Tea. I also love their oils and vinegars and yes, their wines. But for fresh produce and meats or anything else I’d just as much shop at a typical grocery store, especially since TJs is not exactly convenient and requires a legit planned trip, given where I live. But I am a fan overall.

Also totally unrelated but I NEED to get on my Christmas Shopping. Like, I havent bought one thing yet. Looks like someone will be Amazoning it up tonight.

Tomorrow’s our busiest day of the week. I teach yoga and abs at the gym in the morning then we usually go see my mom. Ok, that doesnt sound like much lol, but I swear its a lot of logistical planning and driving around and more planning. I’ll be back to check in later in the week. Looking forward to a more restful Thursday!

Xoxo Liz


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