Weekend Fun – 12/3

Gooood morning! Woke up to our first snowfall this morning:


The younger me would have been annoyed at the sight of snow but the older me loves it. Somewhere along the line I developed a greater appreciation for the fact we have such defined 4 seasons here in New England and now I can’t imagine living without them. Although part of me still wouldn’t hate spending a few years in sunny, dry Southern California…

To anyone who may  be reading this, I hope you had a fun and restful weekend. This was a long weekend for us since Jeff was off work on Friday. After waking up, we made a huge pot of coffee and enjoyed a slow morning while we started to pull out our Xmas decorations from the attic. Jeff did some work, Julian took a great morning nap and I was able to get out for a solo, non-stroller run (it was so bad, yet so good). Later we ventured out to Market Street to wander around the shops (AKA Christmas shopping fail) and since Julian fell asleep on the way out of there, we ventured up to Newburyport to grab an early dinner at the Grog. By early I mean 430 – best time for a dinner in public with a toddler. Pretty sure 5 years ago I was just eating lunch at 430 on a Saturday and contemplating plans for the night. But I digress. After dinner, it was home to put lights on the tree and tuck Jules into bed.

Saturday morning I taught my gentle yoga class at the studio and was pumped to have a chance to give a much needed facelift to my playlist that morning. The rest of the day was pretty low key – visiting our good friends who just brought their new baby home and I made a turkey meatloaf for dinner. Something about the word meatloaf makes me shudder but its a tasty and protein loaded meal and the flavor options are endless. I followed this recipe as a guide.


Sunday we pretty much couldn’t get out of our own way for a while. Jeff had plans to go out and finish cleaning our leaves up before the Patriots game and it just didn’t happen. We laid low and finished hanging the tree decorations while Julian napped instead. After another failed attempt at Christmas errands we ended up at Jeff’s parents house to crash their dinner and let Julian run out some energy playing with their toys. Gotta love parents <3.

It’s honestly not often we have such a low key weekend, we’re usually much more productive and busy and most of the time by Sunday night we are exhausted. So it was really nice to enjoy a quiet and long weekend before the craziness of the holidays picks up and we’re out of the house more than we’re in it.

Julian’s up from his 30 minute morning nap (sad face) so we’re off to run errands. Have a great day!

xoxo Liz


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