Just Another Blog…

Hey guys! Welcome! My name is Liz and I am starting up this little ole blog so I can have something to do in my free time while my 1 year old naps. Also, snapchat got me into sharing little bits and piece of my life and son with my limited audience. I’ve been a blog reader for years and I enjoy plugging in and writing so I figured why not add to the already saturated world of mommy bloggers? Sure!

I’m currently a stay at home mom teaching a few yoga classes throughout the week after being a full time working woman for years before my son was born. Yeah, that was an adjustment and thanks to a really rough first year not quite the freedom I thought it would be. But things are so much better now and I’ve begun to get used to this very different pace of life. My husband Jeff works really hard for us to swing this life and he’s an amazing dad.

So basically this blog is going to cover daily life of a stay at home mom stuff (how boring does this sound already? Run the other way if this has no appeal to you), baby/toddler stuff, maybe some meal planning. I try hard to make healthy meals but I really need to step it up, especially now that I’m not dealing with a colicky infant.

So really, just…#momlife. My new job. Join me if you like! ❤ xoxo Liz


My Fam: Me with a ridiculous smile, also in need of botox, my husband Jeff, and Julian who is now a little over 1. 


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